Multiple Fulfilment - differentiate SO number for each fulfilment

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It would be good if a differentiating SO number could be allocated to each fulfilment when using the advanced sales module.

E.G. if the sales order number is SO-01765, then fulfilment #1 would be SO-01765-1 and fulfilment #2 would be SO-01765-2.

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  • Really need this. Fulfilments and invoices are not always the same there is currently not a unique number for fulfilments.

  • Thanks for contacting DEAR Support.

    SO Number in format (SONumber-FulfilmentNumber) can be printed using mailmerge fields in template documents, I am attaching Pick and Invoice template having these fields added on these.

    Kindly upload these templates to your DEAR account and test

    Write us if you have any other concern.

    (23.1 KB)
    (19.6 KB)

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2 people like this idea
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