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We have four stores and about 180 categories. Entering these manually for each B2B store is extremely tedious. There is some urgent functionality that needs to be enabled.

1. Allow alphabetical sort of categories on B2B

2. Create at least two levels of category e.g. main category and sub category

3. Export / Import via csv for categories in B2B stores.

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  • DEAR needs more than one level of Category e.g.

    Main category: Shoes

    Subcategories: Trainers, Leather, Casual

    These levels should be available on the B2B portal so that the customer is able to refine his search. We have become used to HandShake which provided this functionality but sadly it is lacking in DEAR.

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  • It be be a great help to be able to Export / Import the B2B Horizontal and Vertical Navigation bars.

  • It is essential that the B2B Horizontal and Vertical Navigation bars are sorted alphabetically, especially while there is only one level of category.

  • Most systems use 3 levels of categories 

    1st Level: Product Family

    2nd Level: Product Line

    3rd Level: Product Line Sub-Group

    We desperately need this also. I've resorted to changing all Brands to 2nd Level: Product Line since brands really are not important for us. Of course when you all have an update this will break things for us. How long will it be before three levels of categories is available?

    I disagree about sorting categories alphabetically. We would prefer to put the most important, most seen things at the top. That makes more sense for marketing. Instead have a integer sort order # for each category in the database, then everyone can sort by whatever means they need including alphabetical or otherwise

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  • Hi Richard

    Have u considered using product tags instead of hierarchy of categories. To refine the search in your example below user may need just type Shoes in Categories and Leather in Tags (assuming all "sub-categories" are specified in Tags)

    Main category: Shoes

    Subcategories: Trainers, Leather, Casual

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  • The idea to use tags is a great one. We do not navigate products by Brand, so you've been using the Brand field for second-level subcategory. Essentially we use Category as "Product Family" and Brand as "Product Line" 

    HOWEVER much like many other systems we would love to have a third level to break up some product lines into groupings such as replacement parts for that product line or by user type for that product line

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  • Tags are useful for our own purposes but it is the presentation to customers that is lacking in B2B. Most customers will not know to search on tags. A category hierarchy would answer this need very well.

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  • I need that too! It is very essential! 

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  • tags would not work, only because on a website and on B@B, we would ten have to list all the "tags" as sub-categories, which will raise other issues; tags can no longer be used for "tags".

    we have a tool shop and we could have categories set up as such:

    Hand Tools: sub categories are; Spanner, Socket, Hammer

    Abrasives: sub categories are; bonded, coated, diamond

    but if i put down that a product features in tags "coated" disc" "Zirconia" "velcro" "8 hole" "Premium" Made In Germany" Gertman" etc etc.

    it might create a massive list of "sub categories that make it hard for a customer online or B2B to navigate to what they want.

    Also, in this case, "Premium" would become a sub category that we would not want displayed, but might be for our internal benefit. 


  • Yes, to everyone's comments fully agree. Per my earlier comment, 3 levels of categories ideal and best and matches most other systems forb integration.

    Dear current structure seems based on Shopify which ironically is B2C focused not B2B.

    However, if adding 2 sub-categories is more undertaking than they are willing, at least minimally let us filter with data already in the system - category, brand, and tags

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  • This was also what I posted this week

    Hi All

    I would like to make a suggestion about category tier levels, I think a lot of businesses would benefit from being able to create multi level tiers for product groups.

    We have a auto spare parts online shop and we also have a retail shop.

    The way multi level tiers would work for us and many others.

    Make - [Suzuki] Model Name - [Sierra] Model Code - [SJ70] Group - [Engine]

    This would let you drill down to exactly the parts for a particular car model section.

    This would be great in B2B portal, Inventory, POS, and pushing out through the API to your website.

    This type of setup is done by an Australian company called Neto, you can build any number of levels for categories and allowing product to be listed against multiple categories.

    Other members please add your thoughts if you also think this would work for your business and be a good addition to Dear.




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  • 2 years dear, 2 years

    What is the point of the B2B portal?

    > it is the year 2019
    > invests in b2b platform
    > there is no multiple image support

    > no ability to make sub menus
    > been requested since the dawn of time

    Do I have to put that in every review site until you manage to actually make b2b useful?

    oh dear
    please explain

  • Hello,

    Please to inform you the above feature has been implemented. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact DEAR support ( or WhatsApp)


    Rodney - DEAR Systems

  • thanks Rodney,
    where can we see/setup the sub categories?

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