Clearing older orders in DEAR

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Hi there,

So we are a relatively small business that uses DEAR for all inventory, orders, customer records and much more. Over the holidays we ended up getting behind on clearing FBA fulfilled orders because the demand was just too high and we only had one person pushing orders through the DEAR system. So far we have spent countless hours and days trying to catch up on clearing these FBA orders, which are in the thousands, and only grow day by day as people order more of our products FBA. I have attempted to clear the orders in a bulk actions, but DEAR will not let me. I think this would be the easiest for us especially for our orders that are in the packing stage of DEAR because the inventory has already been taken out of our system. I have been told that you must enter a fake tracking number for these orders so Amazon doesn't re-fulfill your order, which is why I think it won't let me clear orders in bulk? Has anyone experienced this problem with DEAR before? It is becoming a burden on our inventory and so far I have not gotten any good advice on the next steps. 


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