Stock Availability visible in Product Detail screen


 I spend an enormous amount of time flipping between looking at a particular items' inventory details (eg. cost, last purchase), and then running the inventory availability report, and having to type in the item description/code to find it, to see what quantity I have in stock in which location.

I was really hoping the latest release might address this, but it doesn't.  As an easy solution which I'm sure many users will find very useful, can an extra Tab be added into the Inventory Details screen - Stock Availablity - which shows the quantity and cost on hand in the different locations for that particular item i.e. the same detail as shown in the Inventory Availability report, but just for that specific item which is being viewed.

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  • I understand there must be a technical reason why this information isn't visible in that area but from a user experience point of the the information is so related to each other it makes no sense why it isn't available

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  • This is probably the number one complaint I get from my employees. The ability to quickly see or edit the on hand qty of any product would speed things up immensely. 

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