Add Price Tier column to more Sales Reports

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Currently, the customer Price Tier column is only available in the Sales Reports in the Sale Price History report.

I would advocate that customer Price Tier gets added as a sort/grouping column for more Sales Reports, in particular:

  • Sale Overview Report
  • Sale Order Details
  • Sales Profit Summary
  • Sales By Product Details
  • Sales By Product Summary
  • Customer Orders By Product


**Note: If you also want to see this feature implemented, make sure you "like" this Feature Request, and (optionally) add a comment. DEAR Inventory considers which feature requests to implement based, in part, on user interest/demand in this Feature Request forum.**

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  • I would also like to be able to show the Price Tier merge field on sales process documents so it can be used to indicate the customer type (instead of using up an attribute field).


  • Yes, I think the Price Tier column would be incredibly useful for reports. Please add this DEAR, as this is how we segment our customers.

  • Yes, I think the Price Tier column would be incredibly useful for reports. 

  • I have bumped into this again for another client's business.  Please consider adding this column to reports.  In the meantime we need to duplicate the price tier as a Customer Additional Attribute.

  • Please add the Price Tier to the Sales Reports.  The price information is critical for Sales Reports.  

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7 people like this idea
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