Need option for determining when orders appear in the 'Awaiting Fulfilment' list

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There is a new feature in DEAR which allows the user to re-arrange the Status Icons in the Sales General View, but apart from simply re-arranging the icons, it does not seem to accomplish much of anything else. So far as we can tell, it does not actually affect the ordering and fulfillment process at all.

We wish the new functionality would work as follows: when the 'Invoice' icon is moved to appear immediately after the 'Order'  icon, orders would not appear in the 'Awaiting Fulfillment' list until BOTH the 'Order' is authorized, and the 'Invoice' is authorized.

Our 'Prepaid' customer orders should not be shippable until they are paid. If the new functionality worked as I have just described, 'Prepaid' orders would have to be paid for (i.e., invoice 'authorized') before they could even be seen (by our shipping dept.) and fulfilled. 'Net 30' orders (which are OK to ship unpaid) could be 'Authorized' at both stages, and then would also appear in 'Awaiting Fulfilment'. 

Thanks in advance for considering this work-flow / functionality change.

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  • Absolutely, we have found the same thing.

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  • @Jeff, @Nicky

    Not sure if this helps at all, but we've just come across a workaround for this problem, especially the 'Prepaid' customers one:

    Firstly, we've just updated our internal process to say that when an SO is authorised it is now ready for fulfilment. I.e. if the SO is authorised this is the handover step to Warehouse to fulfil. At the same time, sales/admin team don't authorise a sales order until it is ready for fulfilment... until then leave it as a draft SO or Quote.

    > Generate Prepaid orders as a Sales Quote, and issue the invoice from the Quote ( you need to create an Invoice template as a Sales Quote doc. If you use Stripe or other CC payment method this still works fine)

    > After payment has been received, process the Quote to an SO, then authorise it

    > Now Warehouse can fulfil the order

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4 people like this idea
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