Bulk Receiving

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Make the receiving part of the purchase order more efficient for high quantity items. 

For example: When we receive 120 units of 1 sku which is in 10 boxes of 12, we open up each box, scan 1 of the item under the Manual scanning option, then we have to move the cursor to the quantity, then type in 12, then enter. We would have to do this 10 times for this 1 item.

We do need our receiving team to open up each box to verify contents, so we cannot just get a total count, scan and then manually enter that number. 

Two things would make the process above more efficient (when scanning under Manual):

  1. The cursor automatically goes to the quantity section after an item is scanned (thus no need to "tab" or "mouseclick" the quantity box)
  2. The quantity entered remained there until manually changed (currently resets to "0")
If the above steps were implemented, you would essentially be able to scan an item and hit enter for situations as given in the example for multiple boxes of the same amount. It would also work for different sku's as most products are boxed in either amounts of 6, 12, 24 or 36.

If you, fellow Dear user, are receiving bulk shipments in another way, please share so we can all learn. Dear Support did not have any suggestions to this problem and suggested to post in Feature Requests so that the development team could possibly add this to an upcoming update. Thank you!

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