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I am looking to create a list of developers who are interested in working with DEAR customers to integrate systems with DEAR Inventory via the DEAR API.

Do you have a developer who successfully integrated DEAR Inventory and another system who might be interested in doing additional DEAR integrations?

Or a developer who might be interested in making DEAR Inventory integrations a part of their work?

Potential developers can learn more about the DEAR API here:

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi there,

    I have integrated DEAR System API with warehouse system. you can add me to the list. thanks


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  • manjeet can you call me at +1 502 303 4518 you can also wats app me 

  • Hey does anyone know of any UK based developers - we are switching to a new 3PL and need the system to be updated via the API. 

    Many thanks,


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  • Hello Cheryl,

    I am canada based, i can help you guys for API integration. thanks



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  • Hi Stan, please add me to the list :)

    I have done a number of integrations with other API's and custom systems. I have also made chrome extensions to simplify / augment the Dear interface (eg, making certain fields required). Would be happy to advise and help other users.

    Timothy (

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  • Do you have an Australian based company?

  • I am based in the USA and work with businesses from the East Coast to Hawaii.

  • Hi Stan,

    How many names did you get? Any specific project you are working on?

    @Stan Ward,Manjeet, Timothy Solomon can we connect trough LinkedIn?

    Mine is :

    Anyone work with both DEAR and Shopify API ?

    Cheers :-)

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  • Hello,

    We're looking for a developer based in Canada or the USA to integrate our DEAR and OPENCART sales orders.

    Please email to: info /AT/ stokhaus /DOT/ com


  • Is the list still being built?

    I'm a UK based developer and I've integrated Dear with customer web sites using the API in versions 1 and 2.

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  • Hi Ricky,

    Sure this list is still being built.  You just added yourself to it.  :-)

    Feel free to add contact information so that people can find you, including me.



  • Thanks Stan:).

    My contact details are ricky.hobson at and my twitter details are @hobsonricky.

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  • I forgot to add a link to my LinkedIn and Website on my previous post.

  • Our Company, B Online, is based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

    We work with many clients across the global and have done deep system wide integrations and extensions onto the Dear Api. If you are looking for a professional service with a reputable company at reasonable pricing please get in contact. 


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