Ability assign multiple locations for stock availability for sales channel

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Currently, with the DEAR integrations with sales channels (e.g., Shopify, B2B Portal), it is only possible to select either one location or All locations using the dropdown list.  Some businesses want to be able to select multiple locations for the product availability.

Two ideas for implementing this solution:

1) Ability to select, maybe with checkboxes, multiple locations for calculating stock-on-hand availability for a sales channel.

2) Ability to create "virtual locations" to which multiple locations could be assigned.  The virtual location could then be selected by the user as the availability location for the integration.  For example, if I have WarehouseA, WarehouseB, and WarehouseC, and I want a certain sales channel's stock-on-hand availability numbers to consider both WarehouseA and WarehouseB, but not Warehouse C, I could create a virtual location called VirtualLocationX and assign WarehouseA and WarehouseB to the VirtualLocationX location.

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  • Any idea if this feature will be implemented?

  • we need this feature too. because we configure consignment customers as locations, we would like to exclude this from the available quantity value that shopify derives from DEAR. the current 'select one location' or 'all locations' is not flexible enough. we should be able to select multiple, specific locations for shopify to use.


  • This is a critical feature for us. I've been looking at other solutions because this isn't possible.

  • We need this too!

  • Please Please Please Please add this feature.

  • Is DEAR working on this to keep up with Shopify's "Locations" feature? We need inventory to be able to pull from multiple warehouses as well. Please update us on this feature request. 

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  • A variation on this proposal would be to look at a list of locations to be considered for fulfillment of an order. So Stock availability  looks at can this total order be fulfilled from warehouse A, B OR C in totality. Meaning the pick only comes from one location that can fulfil the entire sales order by itself.

  • Yep. Need this. Thanks.

  • Critical feature to use Shopify POS - we need to have inventory tracked in POS separate from E-commerce. 

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