One Time Ship To Address for Drop Shipping

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When drop shipping, the ship to address is usually never reused. When I enter a new shipping address in the sales order, that address is saved into the customer record. That address really does not belong to the customer and each time that is saved, the information is also sync'd back to Capsule CRM.

I think this can be fixed by adding a Add One Time Address link right below the Add New Address link.

When entering ship to address for Drop Ship orders, we need more than just 2 lines of address. Usually it is:

Shipping Contact - Phone



City, State ZIP

Shipping Method

Additional Shipping Instructions

This info should also pass on to the PO once PO is generated. Currently, we put all this info in the memo or email. Very tedious. I have Shipping Methods defined in Dear but nowhere to use them if order is drop shipped.

Almost all sales orders and purchase orders include shipping method. 

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  • Great idea. We have the same issue and use a similar workaround. 

  • My workaround was enter the drop shipped address in the  Sales Order notes field and create a new packing slip template which I customised with resellers address details. When printed it looks like it is the resellers packing slip. You could do this for a shipping label too. Works very well.

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