Virtual Consignment

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We are running a trial with a retail partner that is basically a "virtual consignment model". This retail partner has there own online store, that not only sells our goods, but also goods from other vendors. When they sell something of ours, we receive an email from them, and we fulfill the order (so it comes out of our stock and is shipped by us). 

One of the things that I would love to be able to do (and have no idea if it is even possible) is somehow be able to tie into their store and set up a virtual location that allocates to them a certain number of stock on items and everything gets automated from there. So that I dont have to send them a daily update on our stock quantity. Perhaps it is possible using DEAR. I believe but have never confirmed that the retailer is using Shopify as their store but I am not sure. I dont want to see everything they sell just my own stuff, and I dont want them to see all of our stuff, just the stock I allocate as possible for them to sell. 

Perhaps the B2B portal is best in this scenario I have not tested it fully to figure out the best way to handle this situation. I would love in the future to extend this to other retail partners but until we get a handle on automation I can't offer it to further partners at all as it would become very cumbersome and time consuming. 

Curious on thoughts of how to use dear in this scenario or if others are doing something similar


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