Manage internal goods - i.e. Boxes, bags, etc

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I am currently evaluating dear and I believe that we are going to pull the trigger when our trial expires. So far we love it (but enough of the praise ) One thing I can't figure out the best way to handle is managing our misc goods. We have one main "warehouse" and two mobile locations. When one of us traveling we sometimes fulfill web orders on the road. So For example for orders that we ship we ship in branded boxes. Those boxes we need to order. It would be nice to be able to track the boxes on hand and have them automagically reduce stock of what is in warehouse or in our mobile location. This would allow me to easily see on the dashboard that we are say down to 20 boxes and need to order more. The only way I could think of this is to append the order with a box (but that then shows up on the packing slip and notifications that ShipStation sends out. I don't want my customers seeing that. The same could be said for our branded bags that we take with us to our mobile locations as we are selling goods there thru square. Would love to figure out a way to transfer say 30 bags to the store and see that I need to order more. Right now we are doing a manual stocktake every night. We look at the number of orders shipped, or sold through square set up and reducing the number of bags and boxes but would love a more automated way. Maybe there is and I haven't figured it out yet. Curious on what others do in this scenario. Cheers Andrew
  • We would add the box to product build (Bill of materials) but this only works if you use 1 box for every product sold.  This would not show on the customer paperwork. The other way we do it is via a daily/weekly/monthly stock adjustment. We use both methods.

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