More filter options on SALES tab

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Our company would like to see a filter on the SALES, VIEW ALL screen for orders, ordering, backorders, picked, picking or packed (all of which are oddly statuses). 

Basically otherwise not invoiced, invoicing (also oddly both statuses) and not completed). 

We'd like to be able to filter OUT anything that has been invoiced or completed. We don't use sales quotes. There is currently not a filter so that we can see all unshipped/unfilfulled orders. 

Also a date range filter would be helpful as well. (filter by either order date or required by date). 

Also helpful would be able to filter open/unpaid invoices. 

Thanks for your attention to this matter. 

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  • Yes, especially the filter "ALL SALES but COMPLETED" is missing.. 

    I do not want to look at all completed orders every day, just the ones that are NOT completed and need work. 

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3 people like this idea
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