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Some customer requests after having used the B2B Portal you may be able to assist with.

- Can you print an order from the B2B portal?

- Can the order when it is printed from DEAR after being confirmed in the portal show the Pre and Post discounted amount as it does if it were created directly in DEAR (See attached samples)

  • Hi Adrian

    Could you please attach example. We can't find it  

  • Loving the B2B portal! Here are a very suggestions for improvements:

    Individual Product page:

    1. Allow the product code to be displayed next to the color name in both the matrix and list tab of the product page (to allow customers to shop along with our physical catalog which lists UPC codes)

    2. There is a lot of empty space on the product page to the right of the product image. It would be great if we could inbed jpg images there to fill that blank space

    3. Product page navigation: Allow customers to get to the previous navigation area (selected vertical navigation tab, selected product page number) when clicking 'back' in their web browser instead of being placed at the front page of the site.

    Keep up the great work!

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  • Is there any update on a B2C portal?  

    I wish there was a way to make a portal that doesn't require an invitation and just showed a specific price tier.  

  • Please add the option to show the UOM field on the customer B2B portal, preferably immediately below the Product Code. In many cases this is an essential piece of information for the customer.

  • I believe the B2B portal is a valuable tool and a great addition to DEAR. The success of this addition will lie in the detail. The option to display Unit of Measure would be a big plus.

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