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Xero now handles overpayments really well, if you enter the overpayment in Xero. It creates an unapplied payment.

Overpayments do not sync to Xero because Xero's standard payment API does not allow overpayments (I guess). The payment simply does not sync, and the invoice goes to Xero as completely unpaid. This means that the overpayment needs to be entered in Xero as well. Often my clients want the sales team to use only Dear, so this is not a great solution. 

However, Xero has an overpayment API. Could Dear not use this API? We still have the problem of Dear not automatically allowing overpayments to be applied as payment to future invoices, but at least it would avoid double entry. 

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  • I'm having the same issue.

    My customers regularly overpay invoices, and I'd like it to go to their credit automatically... I have not found an elegant way to do that yet.

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  • This is causing us major issues. We're trying to find a workaround to this. The two options we have is our sales people keep track of every overpayment that should have been created in DEAR and we add these in Xero. Or we've recently been trying to add in the actual bank feeds where these payments come through in Xero, because we think the first option is risky as it relies on someone to have to remember things, rather than a system to keep track of things. But the second option also has limitations. So we would really love to be able to create overpayments in DEAR, as we agree, this really should be possible.

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  • I agree with all the comments above. Overpayments should sync from Xero into Dear to avoid a build up of overpayments from customers. On average we have this issue around 10 times per month.
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