Simple inventory forecasting functionality based on a user input sales forecast of a assembled products

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At the moment to work out when i might need to order i have to make a spreadsheet that allows me to enter my expected sales of assembled products and based on this work out when i will run out of BoM components. This involves copying and pasting of data that is already in dear and a simple calculation. It would be great if Dear had the functionality to do this to remove the user input error risk. I think this would be a simple add-in and would be heavily used by most of the Dear user base. 

To be clear this is not a request for actual forecasting functionality just a request to enable user forecasting to be done in Dear itself. Simple, but very effective. 

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  • This would be very helpful for a lot of users who manufacture!

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  • This would be a great feature! Any update on if this forecasting feature will be integrated into Dear? It would be great to be able to setup a timeline that factors in the turnaround time for each stage of manufacturing BOM component parts & assembling finished goods! For example: DAY 1: Send 2 Purchase Orders (PO) to Suppliers. A) Send a PO to Supplier-A for 100x BOM-A component parts B) Send a PO to Supplier-B for 100x BOM-B component parts Both of the above POs will be sent at the same time on Day #1. DAY 1 to DAY 7: BOM-A It takes 5 business days to manufacture 100 pieces of BOM-A component parts. It then takes 2 business days to deliver BOM-A to the assembly warehouse. (7 business days total for BOM-A) DAY 1 to DAY 12: BOM-B It takes 10 business days to manufacture 100 pieces of another more complex BOM-B component parts. It then takes 2 business days to deliver BOM-B to the assembly warehouse. (12 business days total for BOM-B) Note: We have to wait until both BOM-A and BOM-B parts arrive at the warehouse before they can be assembled into finished goods. DAY 12: Once confirmation that both BOM-A & BOM-B have been received at Assembly warehouse. Then send an Assembly job order to the assembly team. DAY 13 to DAY 16: Then it takes the assembly team 3 business days to assemble 100 of the finished goods (BOM-A + BOM-B) and insert them into packaging. (Finished good SKU: FG-AB) To summarize: BOM-A took DAY 1-7 BOM-B took DAY 1-12 FG-AB assembly took DAY 13-16 Therefore the total turnaround time is 16 business days from start to finish. So it would be great if a forecast alert could notify us that stock is starting to run low and we could potentially run out 20 business days from now. Then it could tell us we need to send POs to the suppliers today, in order to get the manufacturing & Assembly turnaround time done in 16 business days before the stock runs out in 20 business days. It would also be great if there was a visual timeline, perhaps on a calendar, so it can show us the work in progress and what stages of the manufacturing & assembly process we are at. Is this kind of forecast & timeline feature in your roadmap?

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  • Hello, 

    Please consider MRP module intended for planning of supplies for all business processes: sale, transfer, production

    Best regards,

    Elena Piskova | Cin 7 Core Product Team

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