BSB Portal and Product Families

started a topic over 4 years ago

When a product has multiple variants, only the family should show up on the front page, not all the variants. 

We sell hair colour, so as an example, we have a family called "ABC Hair Colour 60 ml". This colour has 100 shades that are named differently. What ends up happening is that all 100 show up on the front page with the same title "ABC Hair Colour 60 ml". What should happen is that only one occurrence of the item should show up and all the variants would show up on when you click on it.

Here's another situation:

We have a shampoo that is sold in 4 different sizes with 4 different prices. What ends up happening you get 4 instances of the family "Shampoo" with 4 different prices. What should happen is your should only have 1 instance and the price should be "From $X.XX" or "$X.XX to $X.XX" or don't show price at all, only on the variants.

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