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We recently performed a 'Bulk Void' function which voided some sale orders that should not have been voided (our mistake). Unfortunately, as a result, phantom products and lot numbers that were long gone were returned to inventory, and the FIFO system immediately began assigning these phantom products to new sale orders.

Since there is no system-wide disaster recovery process for DEAR inventory data, it seems like a method to prevent accidental voiding / erasure of old orders is a critical need.

A generic 'Are You Sure?' pop-up is not adequate warning for the 'Bulk Void' procedure, since it's very easy to mistakenly select orders en masse that you don't actually wish to we did. 

Could you please add a 'Lock Sale Order' feature at the Settings level? Allowing users to define a length of time - i.e., 7 days, 30 days, etc, after which 'Completed' records could not be voided - would prevent the kind of disaster we experienced. 

For bulk void operations, if ANY locked record has been selected for bulk voiding / deletion, the process would be aborted. The system could say 'Cannot continue - some of the selected orders are locked', or something to that effect.

Each sale order could have a 'Lock Record' check box which would be automatically enabled after the default time period, but could also be manually unchecked (at the single record level), allowing the record to be voided, in either a single or bulk process.

 Such a feature would have prevented us from a very terrible mis-application of the 'Bulk Void' feature.


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