For Jobs module, add ability to clone a job or import information to make it fast to create new jobs

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This is for the Jobs module.

For some business, they do the same job over and over again, sometimes exactly the same job and sometimes with variations.  In order to facilitate the process of creating a new job it would be great if there were a way to either clone a job, or to import the milestones information for a job.  I think cloning would be easier for users.

(If you also want to see this feature implemented, make sure you like this Feature Request, and/or add a comment.  DEAR Inventory considers which feature requests to implement based, in part, on user interest/demand.)

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  • Had a few client requests for this, especially true with batch production where multiple batches of the same product can be made up one after the other and are just assigned different batch numbers.

    The ability to clone the job would be great.

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3 people like this idea
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