How to manually close invoices that still appear open on dashboard when finished

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I have sales/invoices that I have recorded payment against however due to currency/exchange rate a "realised" figure will appear under the payment/balance.

As a result the sale/invoice line does not appear as COMPLETE on the dashboard but in fact the invoice is no longer outstanding.

How can I change the status to complete?

Also some invoice are "complete" as they were unable to be synced to XERO (after about 50 tries) and I did a spend in XERO. How do I again close these to COMPLETE.

3rd ticket now up with DEAR team - waiting on advice.

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  • Bernadette did you find a solution for this, or are you still waiting on Dear to Advise?

  • I'm having trouble following this ... if the customer is a foreign currency customer, then the receivable is a foreign currency receivable and the payment should be in the foreign currency too. 

  • So firstly, the original behaviour in this thread does not happen (now). If you fully pay a USD invoice from an AUD bank account in Dear, Dear asks for a USD amount, then the invoice will complete (if fulfilled) . I don't know if it happened in the past, but I never noticed it. It doesn't happen now, I just tested it. 

    As for Xero sync, when you do this in Dear, you enter an exchange rate. It will sync regardless of the exrate.  Is the problem because you are entering the payment without knowing the correct exchange rate?

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1 person has this question
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