Sales Representative to default to logged in user

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Not a high priority request, just a nice to have.

On a Sale Order the Sales Representative should default to the logged in user, if that use is setup as a Sale Contact. If the current user is not setup as a Sale Contact then the Sales Representative field should be left blank which will force the user to select a Sales Representative as it is a required field.

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  • Not just a nice to have - this is an issue for us, as it should be blank and forced to fill in or default to the logged in user if they are a Sales contact.

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  • Also not a nice to have, our sales rep are processing orders and have to remember to select themselves, seems like such a waste of time

  • This is a small efficiency that would go a long way for day to day users

  • Completely agree. This would greatly assist us in ensuring reporting is accurate.

  • Not a great solution but in the past I've used the GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey browser extensions that can run custom scripts on specific web pages.  I haven't used it in a while but assume that a script could be configured and installed on the sales rep's machines to fill in their name on the sales order.

    Obviously having DEAR do it correctly as suggested by Jeremy (5 years ago!) would be best!     

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19 people like this idea
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