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This is a copy of what I have written to Dear support and copied here, under their advise, 'to have it in mind when we (Dear) will start reviewing API improvements.'

The Require By field is editable manually in a Sale but I’m looking for an API implementation of PUT whereby I could alter that date programmatically. Indeed does it not seem logical that any field one may alter manually after the Sale has been posted should also be alterable via the API? Dear has a strong API implementation already but here I find a shortfall, for our requirements.

The issue in handling is not as such the sale channel being Shopify more that the back-ordered status within Dear is not sophisticated enough to distinguish between new releases (we distribute DVD/Blu-ray titles, amongst other things), stock that has temporarily been depleted, or stock that has no foreseeable replenishment date. So, adhering to the Dear paradigm alone we end up with a list of orders that cannot be fulfilled for differing reasons thereby requiring continuous manual assessment to ensure our customers receive their orders in the most timely manner. 

To solve this we simply apply a policy of ‘No Backorders’ and issue stock levels prior to actual receipt of new release products, which raises it’s own issues but has the added advantage of aligning us with our contractual standing as a distributor. i.e. our terms and conditions state we do not process backorders; however we sure accept new release orders from retailers before we have stock so that we can have stock available on shelves come the release date; yet customers may only order those stock items after release date but are also allowed to pre-order.

I anticipate the Dear suggestion to workflow will be to allow Shopify to accept non-existent stock and not to alter stock levels until physical receipt of new release products, presenting the advantage of not changing anything within Dear. This is a procedure we have followed in the past but resulted in us missing orders with incorrectly applied Backorder status, thereby raising the issue of manual assessment once again.

The function I wanted to put together was to pool into the orders and alter the required by dates should the order contain a product that has a future release date, using an in-house PHP based logic process. Should I not be able to do that then, once again, I find that I must resort to alternative means to present our orders to better facilitate our order handling processes.

Incidentally; I might point out that ‘Release Date’ is not a field within Dear but it might be worth some consideration for including it, and to also provide a facility whereby one may distinguish between B2B and B2C distribution on handling concerning release date.


Best regards, Carl

Carl Ardron

Production and IT Development Manager

Hanabee Entertainment Pty Ltd

Office 29 / 2 Chelmsford Street, Kensington, VIC, 3031. 

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