Need a "Internal Notes" field for Products separate from "Description"

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The Description field for products is Public and published in each Marketplace.

We need a "Internal Notes" field to keep track of whatever info about that product that doesn't fit elsewhere and should not get shared quantity pricing breakdowns, Notes/Reminder for sales rep, common issue, etc.

This is a 3 line "memo" type feel much like the description field just below it

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  • I note that my suggestion is slightly different to the "internal notes" suggested by Mark (Mark's idea being a good one too!) in that Xero enables the addition an arbitrary number of notes, each time stamped and recording the user who made the note.

    As I commented in my "Add internal notes ..." topic merged into this one:

    Xero has a hugely useful feature of "Add Note" for all (most) items in the application. You can add as many notes as you want and these all show up in the History listing of the item.

    I suggest adding the same for DEAR for all entities (products, suppliers, purchases, sales etc). 

    The notes would be for internal use only and could display in the "Activity Logs" section (or a new notes section).

    This would be *very* useful!!


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  • i'd also like to see the feature for "sales prompt" so when i key in a product, it can come up with the prompt: 

    "use part number XYZ instead."

    "also needs legs, part number ABC"

    "need to advise customer this item cannot be resold"

  • I like Daniels idea, I actually started a new Feature request asking for an Activity Record on the Products record before finding this thread... My feature request below

  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that this feature has now been developed and available in Production.

    Please find the release note here:

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

  • I've seen that Internal Notes has been implemented on Products which is great. I'd like to propose an Internal Notes field for the Sales & Purchase modules too. Other internal transactions (Stock Transfer, Stock Adjustment etc) already have a Comments section which works fine for this purpose.

    I note Dear currently has 3 notes fields in the SO, however none of them would serve the purpose of internal notes:

    • Comments in the SO header (references comments data from Customer profile, and comes through on all SO's for that Customer), publicly visible
    • Quote/Order/Invoice Memo: comments or notes from the Customer on this particular order, publicly visible
    • Shipping Notes: special instructions for shipping, publicly visible and pushes through shipping integrations

    I might also point out that the Memo is only available in the Quote, Sale and Invoice phases, and our greatest need is for the Warehouse to record notes in Dear during the Fulfilment phase (Pick,Pack,Ship). Currently any notes are written physically on the paper Picklist, but this makes it difficult and cumbersome to reference at a later date.

    A suggested solution is to have an Internal Comments section on SOs & POs. For Advanced SO/PO, this could be in the Side panel similar to the Activity Log.

    A nice-to-have would be the ability to @mention other users, similar to in Shopify, which notifies the mentioned user of the note.

  • Hi All, 

    Since Internal Notes are implemented, I just want to ask about the Internal Notes that are added for every product in our Inventory. Where is it shown aside from viewing the product details? If we create a Sales or Purchase, I want these Internal Notes to be accessible as there is some information we need when we create a sale or purchase.

    Is this possible now with DEAR? As I've checked, it's not showing on either the sales and purchase.

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