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Variable measure items are common in a number of business supply chains e.g. meats, cheese, building supplies etc. This is where items are purchased, manufactured or sold on a weight or measure basis but exist physically as discrete units which is variable is not always the same.  However, there is still a need to identify (often uniquely with a serial number) each individual item for traceability and supply chain/inventory integrity reasons. 


Item #1 "3 Meter Log with diameter between 200 - 250mm diameter"

   Serial 123 - 112kg 

   Serial 456 - 121kg 

   Serial 789 - 116kg

It would be good to be able to handle this types of items in Dear. You could think of these items as having a UOM of Each to allow identification of each item but also whatever weight or dimension is variable. e.g. weigh, length, volume etc.


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  • I wholeheartedly support this feature request.

    I strongly advocate for the handling of variable measure products.  For example meat.  While you can have a product called sirloin steak, and there could be a count of how many steaks you have in inventory, you also need to have the weight of each steak recorded as well, for the valuing the inventory and for selling the product as it is sold by weight (i.e., lbs/kg).  This sort of measure is known as "catch weight".

    Catch weight is the actual weight of a food item, originating from the seafood industry, for example, as the name implies, the actual weight of an individual fish, crab, or bag of clams. 

    There is a big whole in the market of inventory management solutions that offer catch weight inventory management at an affordable price.  DEAR could fill this market need if it provided the feature.  I am asked regularly about inventory systems that provide catch weight and know that the available solutions are much more expensive than DEAR.  

    Happy to provide more detailed requirements and design feedback.



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  • Any update on this please DEAR? There are 3 separate feature requests regarding this, the first one started over 2 years ago and has a lot of votes. Please update us if you are looking into this?

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