Feature Request - Recurring Invoices

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Hi Dear Team,

We would like to request an enhancement to the recurring invoice option:

For example:

· Client A requires their products every 3 weeks on a Monday

· Client B requires their products 4 weekly on a Friday

· Client C requires monthly

· Client D requires fortnightly

· Client E requires a weekly service



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  • Hi Team, I need this too (but a simplified version). My recurring invoices need to be able to do:

    • Every 2 months
    • Every 3 months
    • Every 4 months
    I hope this can fit into the roadmap because the current recurring functionality is useless to me since it doesn't allow for appropriate recurring schedules.

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  • Hey,

    We have the same issues with the time periods. Why not just make it flexible like Stripe does. You can tell Stripe if you want to measure it in days, weeks, months and how many of each. It also has a day of the week feature you can use. 

    We have a bunch of customers that want recurring invoices on 2 month schedules or 4 months. 

    This would be awesome!


  • Same here, it's really important to us to have different choices like bi-monthly or 6-weekly. Preferably one could add his or her own intervals

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3 people like this idea
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