Add Notes field to Stock Adjustment, Stocktake, and Stock Transfer

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In order to add some overall comments for a Stock Adjustment, Stocktake, and Stock Transfer it would be great to have a Notes field, similar to what is included on many other transactions, for example, the Notes field included on the New Issue to Production page.  

There are comments for individual line items for Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfer which is great, but this is something different.  A notes field for the overall transaction.

See attached mock-up

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  • Also for Issue to Production please.

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  • Let's get this done please! 

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  •  Agreed! We use the stock adjustment function, for example if we send a product out as a warranty replacement, or we use a product in marketing. I love the fact I can make the cost of the product go directly to the relevant expense code, but my warehouse hate the fact there is no-where other than the 'Comments' section to add any narrative, eg where it is going to if we are sending a replacement.

    This would solve a big problem for us, as we are currently thinking we will have to go back to the old get-around we used in Sage of sending stuff out on a zero value invoice, and then re-allocating the product cost to the correct expense code at the end of the month. Hate moving backwards!

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