Bin locations import and barcode scanning facitity

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I would like to be able to import names for the bin locations with a csv template, trying to avoid having to enter 500 sequential pick bins manually under stock locations in Settings. Is there any plan to incorporate an ‘import’ feature on this? It would also be good if there was a facility to barcode scan the bins and products when moving stock – could this also be suggested for future updates?

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  • Came here to request the Barcode assigning to a bin and a location. 

    It would be very helpful to associate a barcode  to my bins, and my locations. 

    This would help in picking, stock taking and transferring between locations and warehouses. 

    We have several mobile stores, a main warehouse, and several virtual warehouses (we fulfill online orders for a couple of our retail partners so even though we house those products in our warehouse we allocate stock to them virtually). Each of our mobile stores as well as our main warehouse have several bins, and when we transfer inventory between these virtual locations, and mobile locations it would help me greatly to be able to scan a barcode (all of our bins are coded uniquely already) It would greatly speed up the process to have a barcode associated to each location, and each bin in those locations.

    Picking Orders

    In picking an order for shipment i see the workflow as such:

    1. Scan the bin
    2. Scan the product
    3. Receive an error if the product or bin are incorrect for the order to tell the picker they messed up
    This confirms that the correct item that was ordered was pulled from the correct bin and location. 

    Transferring Stock
    In transferring stock between our various virtual, mobile and physical locations I see the workflow as this:
    1. Scan the bin to transfer from
    2. Scan the product to be transferred to another location (be it one of our mobile stores or a virtual store)
    3. Scan the Bin that the product is being transferred into

    Stock Take
    In doing a stock take I see the following workflow:
    1. Scan the bin
    2. Scan the item
    This speeds up the process as frankly It is rather tedious when doing stock takes to constantly have to tell DEAR i meant this bin (especially when you have product in multiple bins) when trying to do a stock take. When you have stock in different locations DEAR constantly asks me when trying to scan product quickly, what bin do I want that scan to be associated with.

    I fully and whole heartedly would love to be able to associate a location, and bin barcode. All of the above scenarios would be so much faster and easier. 

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  • Please DEAR introducing this would make so many manual and error prone process simple and error free....
  • Any further updates on implementing this type of work flow DEAR?

  • Hi All

    1. Bin Import from CSV has been awhile ago. Import button is available on Bin tab

    2. New WMS android application is available for download here . You can receive, put away, pick,pack,ship, transfer stock and perform stock count. Printing product labels and shipping labels is also implemented there. Please see more details here


    DEAR Team


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4 people like this idea
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