Use manually assembled auto-assembly items in Finished Goods Production

Hi There.

We would like the ability to Manually assemble auto-assembly items (This feature does exist), and then use those manually assembled items in Finished Goods production as part of a parent BOM (This feature does not exist). 

The Use Case is that when we receive a new order, we usually build the parts Just-In-Time, so auto-assembly works perfect for us. However, sometimes we know an order is about to come in, and thus we decide to start pre-building some of the auto-assembly items that fall in as part of a parent BOM to save time and deliver faster. The system doesn't allow us to account for this.

It would be great if the system identified that there were manually assembled auto-assembly BOM items in stock and asked us if we would like to use those ones or not.




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  • I agree with this as quite often we will build extra kits up in our slow periods. Once we are in a busy season and have run out of our pre-made stock we then have to build to order. Having the parent BOM pull first from pre-made stock would be very helpful.

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  • Agreed. I just rebuilt my whole inventory system to use more sub-assemblies to help with exactly the same issue as Michael. I had assumed that Dear would use up a subassembly if it was available, and auto-assemble if it wasn't already built. Several of our products have 8 layers of subassemblies, so I now either have to undo everything I've done, or be sure to manually build all the smaller parts in Dear and turn off auto-assembly for everything.

    This feature is essential considering how cumbersome the assembly process is in Dear, especially when there are multiple assemblies going together.

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