Attachments on PRODUCTS and SUPPLIERS feed into POs

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So when we place a Purchase Order, we typically attach....

- A zip containing the drawings, design files, etc. PER PRODUCT

- A PDF explaining overall expectations, process, QC, etc.. PER VENDOR

I see that DEAR lets you attach files to a product. 

When we raise the PO and do the email, it would be really helpful if we were offered the attachments inside the PRODUCTS assigned to the PO,

... and if we could upload attachments to the VENDOR and have them offered as attachments as well, that would be even better.

Currently we have a big folder structure with all these ZIPs and PDFs- having it all managed in DEAR (and bound to the products and vendors) feels far more elegant and in keeping with what DEAR is aiming to accomplish, I think?

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  • Hi Kris.  A work-around for this exists and might work for you:

    DEAR lets you assign Additional Attributes to Products as well a suppliers....these can be lists, text boxs, true/false etc.  You cannot attach a file like a Zip or a PDF, however you can have a textbox with a link to your Zip/pdf hosted somewhere like Dropbox, or Google Drive.

    As I see it:

    1) Put your Zip in Dropbox.  If security is an issue and you don't want this file publicly visible then set the permission to "anyone with the link can view this file" 

    2) Put this link into your AdditionalAttribute1 text field for your Product

    3) In your email PO template you can call the AdditionalAttribute1 mailmerge field.  This will display the link to the zip / pdf / whatever additional information you want to pass on about that product

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