Universal Search at top of every page - like Xero

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Anyone who has used Xero a lot will be familiar with the universal search- always available, and clearly shows which section (invoices, payments, contacts) it's matching...

Similar functionality in DEAR would be a massive improvement. For example, if I type an SKU, it should ideally offer links to the product, stock level..?

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  • Not sure why this hasn't been given a higher priority. Most workflows start by giving you a unique reference. Order being shipped, enquired about, or a product.

    To have to click first on the menu, then on the submenu, then on the search box and then enter the details is just illogical. 

    So much better to be able to use keyboard shortcut on any page. Go to search and start typing in the reference, either showing categorised numbers that match then one click.

    To force users to think about what menu they need to go to lookup and find an entity or document is kind of getting long in the tooth.

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