• Navigation issue that must be fixed:


    Clicking the browser back button from a product page takes you to page 1 of the search results browsed regardless of where you were before...


    1. Clicking on brand A returns 10 pages of results.

    2. Scrolling from page 1 to 2 then 3 then 4 works as it should.

    3. clicking back button four times from page 4 also works as it should (4-3-2-1)

    3. However clicking (opening) any product detail page along the way and then the "back" button takes the customer back to page 1 instead of page whatever page they were on before clicking on the product detail page.

    This isn't a feature that is yet to be implemented down the road - it's a bug. It's frustrating to the customers and it's bad programming. Please get this fixed.

    (And then add some of the good navigation suggestions people had above)

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  • It is very frustrating for our customers (and us) that when they pre-pay for an order we usually have to issue another invoice to them for additional shipping charges.  We ship products in a wide range of sizes and weights to people all over the country and these shipments cost vastly different prices to ship so why is there only the option for a set price for shipping in the B2B Portal?  In my experience, it is not common for B2B sellers to offer free or flat-rate shipping so why is this all we have to work with?

    I have requested this before but it is becoming even more of a problem now that we have a lot more customers using the portal: we need the ability for the Portal to calculate shipping charges based on individual orders.  Price tiered, weight tiered, or ideally the ability for the portal to integrate with ShipStation to calculate shipping prices. 

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  • Portal Usage Report

    We need to be able to monitor the status of customer portal invitations and usage, with the report returning results on eg: Customer, Contact, Invitation Status, Last Login, Shopping Cart Abandoned, etc.

    Clear Navigation

    The shopping cart icon needs to read "Check Out", this text should be customisable.

    The Product pages need to have a breadcrumb trail "Back" and a "Check Out" button to streamline the customer experience. The text of these could also be customisable.

    B2B Development Progress

    I am sure the majority of DEAR subscribers who jumped at the opportunity to utilise the B2B Portal (which is over a year old now) will join me in expressing concern over the delay in development—the development roadmap currently displays "TBA"... can we please have a response from a DEAR team member at least acknowledging our input or even better, letting us know when development is occurring? Thanks.

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  • Dear Dear, I really encourage you to not make the same mistakes I myself have made and many other entrepreneurs do, getting distracted from our core focus. 

    I do not need to remind you started as Inventory Add-on to Xero with BOM, that typically meant Manufacturers, which typically means B2B, and some also doing B2C direct from manufacturer, in some cases.  B2B Portal made complete sense and is PERFECT match for core focus and us, your core customer base.  However before it was completed or development finished and refined to make it fully usable (navigation with category, brands, and tags with filtering, using our own domain, customizable header menu, calculated shipping, and other features frequently and repeatedly requested here in forums,  it seems POS, which is a strictly retail focus has completely become a distraction from core focus and core customers and B2B Portal was never finished.

    There is so many solutions out there for Retail e-commerce and even POS, you have carved out a strong position in B2B which is much faster growing at the moment evidenced by Magento making huge focuses in this area, do not lose your core advantage and strength and get distracted trying to compete with everyone else in the retail space.  I think I speak for everyone here when we beg to please finish B2B Portal and not forsake us, your core.  We tend to be more stable, stick around longer, more dedicated to our tools where the retail space tends to be much more fickle, much higher turnover, etc. by the simple nature we create  and innovate and control production.  

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  • I don’t think anyone from DEAR even looks at this support site and topics. You never get acknowledgement of requests and never get responses. Very little posted. Not sure how many people there actually are developing the system. I think it is very few

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  • We do monitor various suggestions and replies. I can assure you the development and further enhancements planned for B2B portal will be resumed next week. 

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  • We will see. Not much in terms of functionality has been added to the system. A UI update is the main thing, but I would rather the looks stayed the same and functionality was added as per the many, many requests in the system.

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  • THANKS Marvin, WE really look forward to be able to utilize B2B Portal

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  • A bunch of people made good comments but no one came back to upvote those comments. Please upvote what's important to you so the developers know what to concentrate on.

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  • @Nachshon,

    The reason that people are not very much engaged in the upvoting button is that there is no interaction in the forum with the team and there is no clear list and "limited vote to spend".

    The upvote system would get much more attention if that would be cleaned and well managed.

    However, that does not even mean that would be better for us, the user. Voting system can be tricky to manage and we, as a customer, don't always understand the big picture.

    But you can write my vote on any functionalities that :

    + Improve the B2B portal (Start with the basic please)

    + Improve manufacturing/Auto assembly modules module

    + Improve the compatibility with QBO/XERO

    + Improve and add more sales channels (Better integration with existing, adding others like NewEgg etc)

    + Adding a repair module

    I think trying to become the B2C is a distraction from the core business as Mark E. Felling said. It's not the reason why I suscribed to this service with 2 businesses. That would be great for sure to have a complete Manufacturing/B2B/B2C/Accounting all in one solution, but the existing functionalities need a little more polish before steping on the next one. At the moment, the B2B portal is not usable for many of us but SO close to be it's unbeleivable.

    Finally, so far, great service from DEAR. Not complaining but giving my opinion.

    Cheers :-)

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  • I agree with all said above and by Mark... the promise of the portal was so good and progress then seemed to halt.  I have customers who were enthusiastic initially no longer using it and I fear will not go back...

    I have been an advocate of Dear in the UK, but to be frank I am becoming evermore frustrated by the perception that comments and suggestions are just wasted text on the forum as there is rarely if ever any comment from you guys in Dear.

    I know you are passionate about delivering a top quality service, but please find a way to give feedback to the community or we will simply all stop commenting - I have plenty of other calls on my time.

    Perhaps consider a 'league' table of requests and a proper update of plans....



  • Exactly. Development seems to have stalled and not much interaction on suggestions. Silence on fundamental issues such as 20K SKU limit, which is mentioned nowhere when evaluating.
  • I think we all agree on this :

    + When implementing new functionalities, DEAR should focus on it beeing so well done and polished and TESTED by the users, to confirm that we are effectively saving time and work, not adding more complexity to our operations.

    The lack of communication and aknowledgment of users needs on this forum makes me feel like DEAR is beeing developped for the internal needs of a business, but someone would have tought : "Hey lets have external customers so that will pay for the dev." It's the only reason I can see something like a B2B portal not even adding a shippng cost by weight/volume after months of request when it could take a day to fix to a single coder. And it's really scary to think of it when you put 2 business in DEAR hands.



    As well as "In Stock" (green), " Out of Stock" (red) and "Display Quantity" (green), if there is a stock outage, but also a quantity on order, the B2B Portal should display "Coming Soon" (amber)

    "NEW" ITEM, or "SALE" FLAG
    An optional "NEW" flag on each item that has been added to the B2B Portal within a user-variable time period, the location of the flag should be variable also.
    eg: "NEW" full-width banner under item description, or top right/left "NEW" in a triangle (colours defined in "appearance" settings)
    A secondary and similar idea could be used for "SALE" items for a user-variable time period after the list price has decreased.
    The text could be user-defined also to allow for appropriation.


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  • In addition to Ross's post I would like to be able to add 'available {Date}' if not in stock (date available would be fed from PO required date).  I know some others don't want this so it could be switchable or worst case scenario free text.

    I would also like to see the option that a stock item can be 'deprecated when stock is zero' to take account of stock which will be discontinued.

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