• Notifications are live - great! 

    Now be sure to to let everyone know whenever a new feature is rolled out or enhanced. For example, since the roll out, have any changes been made to the portal?


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  • can the quantity box be updated so that a quantity can actually be typed in the box... since currently it doesn't


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  • We have separate revenue accounts for Product Sales and Shipping Charges but I am only able to specify one "Default Revenue Account" in the integration settings.  Please allow for a separate revenue account to be specified for products and shipping income.

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  • Would like to attach user manual and dealer marketing materials

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  • Great ideas, I like how this is getting better and better.

    I would like to see the tax rule setup on the "Address" rather than on the account. So each customer address would have a tax rule.

    We have to charge various rates of GST/HST based on the ship to address of the order.

    The current setup only works when all the customer addresses are in a single tax jurisdiction.



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  • i fully support this request... it is amateurish to be asking your client for a pasword to login to ones own system when wishing to place an order with them! 

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  • (1)  The ability to send out B2B Portal invites to multiple customers at once would be very useful.  

    (2)  When deleting an item from the cart a customer must click the delete button, verify that they really want to delete the item in a pop-up, and then once they are back in the cart they must update or the item doesn't actually delete.  This is too many steps and it is very easy to miss the update cart button which causes the item to not be deleted.  

    (3)  The option of tiered shipping prices would be great.  I would like the ability to set shipping cost to be more or less based on price or weight.  

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  • The B2B Portal is coming along very nicely!

    One very important change needs to be made as soon as possible however. 

    I see that you've added the size, weight, and additional attributes to the product page. This creates a major issue for us as many of the "additional attributes" are internal details that we cannot have public to our clients. We need the ability to select the attributes that are published on the product page. 

    Luckily I only have two customers using the portal to check pricing & test out right now, so it's not a major issue. Please make the change sooner than later! 

    I'm excited to see the new features on the roadmap roll out. Filtering by (published!) product attributes will be a major improvement on our end! 


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  • Dear All

    Please check our roadmap for more details on B2B enhancements in progress and coming soon 

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  • Order notifications on the main screen are good but they all have the same text "You have 1 new order from B2B portal for the last hour" This is not very informative because it's impossible to know at a glance if the order is truly new or came in a day ago (Assuming they were not marked as "Read"). 

    Maybe change the text to the order number, date and time?


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  • Portal Usage Report

    We need to be able to monitor the status of customer portal invitations and usage, with the report returning results on eg: Customer, Contact, Invitation Status, Last Login, Shopping Cart Abandoned, etc.

    Clear Navigation

    The shopping cart icon needs to read "Check Out", this text should be customisable.

    The Product pages need to have a breadcrumb trail "Back" and a "Check Out" button to streamline the customer experience. The text of these could also be customisable.

    B2B Development Progress

    I am sure the majority of DEAR subscribers who jumped at the opportunity to utilise the B2B Portal (which is over a year old now) will join me in expressing concern over the delay in development—the development roadmap currently displays "TBA"... can we please have a response from a DEAR team member at least acknowledging our input or even better, letting us know when development is occurring? Thanks.

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  • > customer ability to see if item is in stock and available at the time of ordering or when available (eg referenced from supplier PO)
    > adding customer reference / PO number
    > to add notes eg do not put unavailable items on backorder/deliver only when complete etc
    > ability to download price-lists trade and retail in PDF (with images) or excel with barcodes
    > email alert that order has been placed


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  • Hello Marvin, I hope this post finds you well...

    Following on from my (and others) comments about the lack of progress and acknowledgement of ideas and comments posted here, particularly those immediately before and after your post on the 4th November; it shocks that there has been no comment further from anyone in Dear in regard to the obvious frustrations that I and others are expressing.....

    Are you doing so well that you don't care?  If it were my company receiving comments such as those posted, I for sure would be engaging as quickly as possible to outline how you are going to placate the frustrations.  

    Of course it is not easy, nor inexpensive, nor quick to change, but please don't be presumptive that I or others will decide that they are better served by finding one of your competitors.

    As previously stated, I for one just want to be heard and that this forum is actually valuable to Dear and the way to do that is engage.

    Rant over!  Good product, could be Great!

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  •  It would be great to include the 'Product Barcode' and 'Brand' fields to the product page as an optional feature.

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