• The B2B Portal is coming along very nicely!

    One very important change needs to be made as soon as possible however. 

    I see that you've added the size, weight, and additional attributes to the product page. This creates a major issue for us as many of the "additional attributes" are internal details that we cannot have public to our clients. We need the ability to select the attributes that are published on the product page. 

    Luckily I only have two customers using the portal to check pricing & test out right now, so it's not a major issue. Please make the change sooner than later! 

    I'm excited to see the new features on the roadmap roll out. Filtering by (published!) product attributes will be a major improvement on our end! 


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  • My biggest issue also has to do with the product page, specifically dimensions. On the product page in Dear B2B the dimensions are hidden inside a tab at the bottom of the page rather than being next to the image. There's a lot of empty space and our customers have said that this makes it confusing and adds an extra step. 

    In handshake the space is better used as seen in my attachments. With our products varying greatly in size it's important for our customers to be able to quickly scale the product with dimensions.

  • Integrating a price list download for the B2B portal is a great idea but it has limited use in its current state and it looks very unfinished.  

    It would be much more useful if the .XLS template was editable so that we could get a price list to customers that had all of the relevant information.  We would like to show customers the product image, sku, description, their price tier as well as the MSRP price tier(it is B2B after all) for example.  

    One specific issue with the current price list output is that if you have HTML in the product descriptions (so they look good on the portal) they show up terribly in the price lists.  The "Print" button might also make more sense as a "Download" button.

    We would like to be able to send all of our customers to the portal to get the most up to date prices so hopefully you can implement some of these changes.

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  •  Really enjoying the portal so far, though in feedback from our customers, there is need for:

    • An obvious home button, the custom logo performs as one... but it's disguised

    • An obvious "check out" button, the shopping cart image isn't self-explanatory

    • A button to navigate back to the catalogue from the product info pages

    • Elaborate on the backorder/split delivery descriptions:

    1. Make heading "Delivery Options if one or more items are Out of Stock"
    2. "Single Delivery; delay whole order until all items are in stock"
    3. "Multiple Deliveries; ship all available items now, ship currently unavailable items later"

    From our perspective as Portal hosts, it would be great to have:

    • Multiple images, shown in thumbnails beneath the main/hero image, these would need to be custom ordered (e.g.: 1: Product hero image that shows in the catalogue, 2: Higher resolution image shown in Product Info, 3: close-up, etc)

    • An automatic reduction of the image size/resolution for images in the catalogue, reducing load time

    **this is vital** A toggle switch to hide the value of items in the guest log-in (we currently waste a price tier to show $0)

    • Bring back the short description display under product heading on the Product Info pages

    • Move the "description/specification" tabs to the side of the image, some customers don't think to scroll down the page

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  • Our customers are asking for the ability for their invoices and previous orders done in DEAR to be displayed in the portal as well. This should be pretty easy. 

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  • Email notification would be a huge help on the B2B Portal.  Currently only way of knowing if we have an order is logging in and checking the 'Alert' bell notification in the navbar...  I realize some users may have huge numbers of orders coming in and wouldn't want an email alert, but the option of an email notification would be great for us

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  • Desparately need for us to be able to set up favourites. And then customers to be able to add to and remove products from favourties. The csv quickorder is a very clunky work around to give customers a way to do their first order.

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  • I would love to see a shipping calculator in the Portal

    Currently we are charging a flat ground shipping rate but it is often inadequate for the size of the order, or a customer would like express shipping.   

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  • Suggestion by Max Blackburn:

    I do not see this option but it has been a feature available on other b2b sites we have used and our customers are requesting it. Is this a possible addition in the near future? 

    Just to be clear, I am asking for a feature that would allow customers to build multiple POs that they could toggle back and forth between to build and revise separately before ever checking out.

  • You asked for comments regarding multilingual. While this is great, it should come at stage 5 oor later enhancement after the stage 4. I mean let's have things working in English first! PLEASE give us filtering navigation ability for customers to find products.  Multi menu top menu so we can link to resource  static pages,  information on becoming a dealer, etc.  in the top menu. And PLEASE let us use our own domain name!  Such as portal.[my domain].com or just mydomain.com

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  • Would be great to be able to add the customer's personal link to the portal as a mail merge field. That way customers can have a direct link to the portal from any document we email to them.

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  • PLEASE let us use ALL THREE points of data in the system: category, brand, and tags  for FILTERED navigation to find a product. Currently it works fine if you have 10 products or even 20 but when you add 1000 products or SKUs it's virtually impossible to find anything currently.

    When clicking a category it shows all products mentioned that category across all brands. Then clicking on one of the brands shows all items in all categories across that brand.  It never filters down to narrow things down.  A simple checkbox for filtering functionality so when you click on a category it shows only the brands or tags that have products in that category, then clicking on the brand or tag shows only the remaining products that match both the category and brand or tag, and the third level of filtering data could be at the top of the page, showing all of the tags for all of the products that matched both category and brand.  

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  • PLEASE allow us to create a multilevel header menu or sometimes referred to as a "mega menu" so the first link might be "products" which shows all available categories in rows and columns, second menu option might be series of links to static pages in the TOP header menu, such as About Us, how to become a dealer, Google map of dealers, etc. which I can create just fine for the footer, but let us link to them in the top header menu, so I can follow some normal standards how users are accustomed to navigating a webpage. The bottom footer is fine for terms and policies, but is the last place people look.

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  • Please update the Development Roadmap with the great suggestions made above.

    You have introduced the B2B facility and now it seems as though this has fallen to the way-side as you focus on the POS facility—can you please forecast when we will see these updates we care so keen to see?



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  • It seems development on the platform, in general, has actually slowed down quite a bit. Is that just me seeing that?

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