• Order notifications on the main screen are good but they all have the same text "You have 1 new order from B2B portal for the last hour" This is not very informative because it's impossible to know at a glance if the order is truly new or came in a day ago (Assuming they were not marked as "Read"). 

    Maybe change the text to the order number, date and time?


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  • (1)  The ability to send out B2B Portal invites to multiple customers at once would be very useful.  

    (2)  When deleting an item from the cart a customer must click the delete button, verify that they really want to delete the item in a pop-up, and then once they are back in the cart they must update or the item doesn't actually delete.  This is too many steps and it is very easy to miss the update cart button which causes the item to not be deleted.  

    (3)  The option of tiered shipping prices would be great.  I would like the ability to set shipping cost to be more or less based on price or weight.  

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  • Just set this up on our account. The basics seem to work which is nice!

    The main things we need before we can go live with this are:

    Minimum order qty per SKU/only being able to order in multiples of X. We sell our items to customers in multiples of 6.

    Custom domain! We want to be able to use our own with this. I know we can point it to the dearportal address but we want it to be linked so the pages will all be

    Delivery options. We offer free delivery on orders over X amount and charge Y if the order is below X. Alternatively just being able to have a minimum order amount would do for now.

    Otherwise it seems to be looking good!


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  • Please add another invitation status "ACCEPTED" so we know the customer received the invite and accepted even if there's still no order activity (at the moment the only way to tell if they accepted is to copy the invitation link and see what page is returned). 



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  • Jen Scovern suggested: 

    (1)  The ability to send out B2B Portal invites to multiple customers at once would be very useful.  

    This would actually be a bad implementation because if there's an unacceptable number of messages marked as spam by recipients it might lead to the DEAR email servers blacklisted by email service providers (and subsequent messages sent to the spam folder or blocked).

    A better option is to have the invitation link exportable in the customer CSV file so it can be added to email campaigns via 3rd party providers such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. (if the customer already accepted the invitation and the link expired the exported link can be directly to the portal login page).

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  • Can't wait for the multilingual functionality! :)

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  • I recall a request for an email to be generated when a client orders via the portal.... please can this be implemented.  We are not always logged into the portal and therefore do not instantly know that an order has been place.

    I would also like the option for a client to see all previous orders placed including those within dear but not placed via the portal... I appreciate that not everybody would want this so it could be switchable at either global or customer level.

    I would also request that it would be possible to log into clients accounts and generate order on their behalf,m this would be particularly useful if they have ordered through any other method eg telephone or fax for example and would be really helpful if a salesperson was with the customer.


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  • Please can you update any considered amends to the B2B portal...

    1 need to add product description and date eg sizes/weights

    2 need to add a icon that highlights NEW products

    3 would like feature that will unpublish item if marked deletion and stock is zero

    4 would like to see 'due in stock date' if no current stock and is on PO

    5 would like a more prominent 'order now' butter

    6 would like editable banner for highlighting new additions, news, price changes etc



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  • How is Custom URLs so we can use "Dealer.OurDomain.comand instead of  ""?

    As previously promised in this update that launched today, which I love having HTML description field! But noticed custom domain was missing

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  • Thanks for the updates today, although can't see all as yet.

    Just tried downloading the XLS pricelist and get >

    500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.
  • Great ideas, I like how this is getting better and better.

    I would like to see the tax rule setup on the "Address" rather than on the account. So each customer address would have a tax rule.

    We have to charge various rates of GST/HST based on the ship to address of the order.

    The current setup only works when all the customer addresses are in a single tax jurisdiction.



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  • The new price list download feature is useful but it would be nice if we could upload our own PDF and XLS files to be used.  Also, there is a typo in the "Brand" request field (see attached screenshot).  Some of the product photos are also being cropped oddly in the PDF and DOC files (see attached screenshot).

    The new shipping options for backordered items are good to have but it would be nice to be able to turn them off.  Many of the items in our B2B portal are large and/or heavy so there could be significant costs to us if we allow buyers to have multiple shipments without being able to adjust their shipping costs.  

    The new Specifications tab that has been added is great but the lack of units could be confusing for customers.  We use the ShipStation integration to ship our products and it requires the weight in our Dear Inventory to be in ounces.  The weights that we had listed on our Portal shop were in pounds but now that the new Specifications tab has weights with no units it is hard for the customer to tell what is correct.  It would be nice if the Portal would pull the specifications information from Dear Inventory by default but we would be able to edit the fields for customer clarity without affecting our Dear Inventory specs.  

    Also, like I have seen in a few other posts, it would be great if we got e-mail notifications for portal orders.  

  • It would be useful if there was an icon next to the "Invite to Portal" icon to tell if the customer has created a password/account or not.

    I also would like to see the ability to turn off the black bar at the bottom of the carousel images.  Or at least turn off the "captions".  I have one carousel image set up with an html link and the long, complicated, and distracting link text shows up in that black bar.  

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  • Flexible shipping fees and discounts

    Theses are the 2 options we need (and probably everyone will also need) to get onboard with the B2B portal.

    1- Discount flexibility : We really need more flexibility on resellers discount. NeoMat3D would need the ability to apply discount depending on quantity of items based on a collection, tags or full cart. We are selling spools of filaments, we apply discount according to the amount of spools ordered, whichever color/width/materials combination. Quantity discount based on single item are not enough. We are ready to start using the B2B portal as soon as this is implemented.

    2- Shipping fees flexibility : We would need to set shipping fees according to ; total order weight (super easy when used with weight of items) or # of items etc. At least some basic function to provide a better estimate to customer.

    At the moment, we could live without shipping fees flexibility by adjusting price including shipping. However after a couples of weeks, it's sure that accounting would complains regarding this as it's false incomes in the books.

    Can we hope for theese to features to be implemented soon so that we have our resellers ordering on the reseller portal themselves?


    François Lahey

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  • We have separate revenue accounts for Product Sales and Shipping Charges but I am only able to specify one "Default Revenue Account" in the integration settings.  Please allow for a separate revenue account to be specified for products and shipping income.

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