• apparently upgrades to be available within 24 hours...... not sure which elements though... hoping.....


  • Custom email invitation has been implemented - thanks

    The default "reply to" address in the email invitation is hard coded to "" - please change it so that the return address is to the stores' default email address.

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  • Loving the B2B portal! Here are a very suggestions for improvements:

    Individual Product page:

    1. Allow the product code to be displayed next to the color name in both the matrix and list tab of the product page (to allow customers to shop along with our physical catalog which lists Product codes)


    2. There is a lot of empty space on the product page to the right of the product image. It would be great if we could inbed jpg images there to fill that blank space


    3. Product page navigation: Allow customers to get to the previous navigation area (selected vertical navigation tab, selected product page number) when clicking 'back' in their web browser instead of being placed at the front page of the site.


    Keep up the great work!

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  • The default "reply to" address in the email invitation is hard coded to "" - please change it so that the return address is to the stores' default email address.

    This has been fixed: B2B email invitation Reply Email address will be taken from web portal contact address email, or from billing contact address / current user email (algorithm was taken from sale/purchase invoice emails). We keep doing improvements to our B2B portal constantly. Next big thing will be implementation of completely new Deal system (not just for B2B, but for main sale process as well). It will cover most possible scenarios with discounts and will simplify it's management. You can have a look at planned enhancements for B2B portal on our roadmap:
    Most of the B2B enhancements are taken from suggestions on this thread so keep up filling it with new cool features you would like to see on the B2B platform.

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  • Issues with deprecated items:

    - Why are they showing up in the portal to begin with?

    - Some are not showing up in the catalog so they can't be de-listed. Here's one example from our portal:


  • The workaround to the above issue is to make the item active, de-list it from the B2B catalog and then deprecate it again. This should probably be coded into the system though.

  • - Navigation should include "Bread Crumbs" like these:


    - It's unacceptable that clicking the browser back button doesn't take you to the previous page but to the last page you visited in "My Account" (how does it even do that?)

    - There need to be some product sorting mechanism on the page (by SKU but also by price, best selling and newest arrival). 

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  • - Bulk Import and Export functionality for listing and delisting products in the B2B catalog. Having a columns with available inventory for each item is a must (so out of stock discontinued items can be easily delisted) but a column with the item tags can also be helpful for sorting.

  • The default "reply to" address in the email invitation is hard coded to "" - please change it so that the return address is to the stores' default email address.

    Marvin - same issue with the password reset email - please fix. Thanks.

  • When a customer clicks on the invitation link they come to the screen below. It's confusing - it should be "Welcome to STORE NAME B2B portal" but it now says "Welcome to CUSTOMER NAME B2B Poral":


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  • Please also add the keyword [CustomerEmail] to the B2B portal invitation email so when a customer receives the invitation and chooses a password they'll also know which email they'll need to use when signing in.

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  • Several more comments:

    1. Add place to insert Google analytics code

    2. Access to logs confirming that an invitation was sent

    3. The ability to add text and info to the log-in page where information can be added on how to apply for an account, how to log in etc.


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  • BUGS:

    1. Orders from the portal are coming in with the email address mapped to the contact field - please remap.

    2. Phone number not mapping at all

    3. Price tier showing is not the customer's tier (though the price is correct)

    4. Only Line 1 of the shipping and billing address is mapping in (City state, zip and country not mapping at all) 

    Please add:

    1. Automatic order confirmation email to the customer AND vendor

    Otherwise this customer's quote says it all: "The portal is like using a machine gun where before you were offering a fishing rod"

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  • 1.  please add automatic order confirmation email to customer and vendor as Nachson and others have requested


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  • Please can you allow quantity to be shown for products within a family on the bulk order screen.

    It would be preferable to have the quantity on hand visible rather than having to click in the box to view. 

    Also it would be good to have the option to decide whether to show quantity for products with a BOM based on the availability of components or what is actually on hand. 

    The ability to show what is available based on components is a great new feature but won't suit every business.

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