• Nice updates already. We do a minimum of 12 qty per SKU for wholesale orders. Would love that option to choose Minimum Order Quantity.

    Also, it would be ideal to have the Contacts you've invited or are using B2B to be under a tab in the 


    Lastly, I would like to be able to add notes to pages like:  Cart, or the Checkout page

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  • I concur what Bear and Nachshon have both said; there needs to be some form of roadmap showing what is being worked on and what is yet to be started and what is not planned.
    At the moment we have no idea on which elements are being progressed and some of the audience here may elect to go out side of Dear for a solution if they cannot see what is being developed.
    A roadmap would also help Dear users decide whether the Portal will give them what they need and when they might get it.  Maybe a vote system for suggestions for improvements/functionality?

    Please give us a progress bulletin and Roadmap with timings.

    We'll then know how far this very useful functionality will go.

    We've yet to see a comment from Dear on this forum and it would be nice to know that comments are 'heard'


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  • this is more of a functionality check.... i understood that previous orders would be visible on the portal and had assumed that it included the ones made prior to the portal introduction.  This appears not to be the case - am I missing something?  if they are not visible, why not?


  • Hi Nigel,

    I'm not employed by Dear but I think I can answer your question out of experience with other integrations. 

    I personally do not want my customers to see previous orders that were made prior to the integration of the B2B portal. The reason is that we made notes and comments on those orders that were intended to be internal only. The risk of allowing customers access to those orders may expose those comments; only good things were said of course ;-). Now that the B2B Portal is active, we have a different protocol as to what we comment on those orders. Most of our customers understand that this is new implementation and realize that if they want to have a history other than their own P.O.'s, then they have to always place their orders using the Portal. Less work for us so win win as far as I''m concerned.

    FYI because we sell hair colour, data entry is very tedious due to the large number of SKU's invovled. We are now offering free shipping to our customers only if they order throught the portal. Many of our customers are embracing the new portal and are forgiving not seeing historical orders. It's so easy to provide them with reports of past orders that I don't think it will be an issue.

  • Thanks Bear... we do not make comments on orders placed and often customers are looking for copy invoices and details of previous orders etc.  The ability to export such data in excel form would allow them to analyse.

    However, your comment has led me to suggest another idea; that of favourites - my customers and many others I suppose have products that they regularly order.

    In any event, I am wondering whether I am wasting my time posting here since I have not evidence that anyone from Dear is reading comments and I don't see any organisation of suggestions into a useable list for ranking and voting by Dear.......

    Thanks for the thoughts anyway Bear.


  • Went through the portal again with a client...

    1 would like the option to view more than 9 products per page, could be 18 or all
    2 in order to establish if an item is in stock or not one has to click on that item either in the'store' or within the cart..
    3 if a field was added in the cart to say in or out of stock then customers could elect to delete the  out of stock items meaning a greater immediate spend
    4 when completing an order why are the address and billing fields not prepopulated - this info is held within dear?
    5 and i think this has been requested elsewhere there should be a facility to export the order or email it so the client has a record other than just in dear
    6 This has been requested elsewhere... need a field for 'required date' and customer reference or purchase order number
    7 Product description and weight and dimensions need to be shown in the 'store'
    8 the payment information should be default from that within the customer record in Dear
    9 the delivery method should be again a default field, but I can see why others may want the client to decide 
    10 an email should be sent to the supplier administrator once a client has placed an order
    11 option on the order would be preferred 1 deliver all including out of stock items together (Place  on Backorder) 2 Deliver stock items and backorder out of stock items 3 Backorder Out os Stock items and carry on shopping
    12 There should be a field to identify who entered the order for multi sites and drop down for delivery addresses
    13 ability to store favorites
    14 ability to identify New products
    15 ability to place forward orders
    16 ability for customer to export reports in excel relating to date ranges of previous orders
    17 ability to switch on off price on screen visibility so can be used as online catalogue to trade clients retail customers while instore


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  • OKAY, took new client through and placed order.  could only ship part order... the screen shot below would give confusing message so:

    a) need a notes section in place of the nonsense that is in the payment section at the momnent - see attachment.
    b) the client should be able to get a copy of invoice?
    c) the client should receive and email when the order is shipped and invoice is ready for download
    d) supplier gets notification when the invoice has been viewed/downloaded/saved?

    regarding REORDER - my customers are not likely to repeat exact orders so a favourites is more beneficial for me




  • Thanks everyone who contributed to this discussion. Our product team has started processing your feedback and will publish new roadmap re B2B enhancements within the next 2-3 days. 

  • Notifications are live - great! 

    Now be sure to to let everyone know whenever a new feature is rolled out or enhanced. For example, since the roll out, have any changes been made to the portal?


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  • Dear All

    Please check our roadmap for more details on B2B enhancements in progress and coming soon 

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  • can the quantity box be updated so that a quantity can actually be typed in the box... since currently it doesn't


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  • The B2B portal is off to a great start! 

    My #1 problem is that there is no email notification when orders are placed - this is cruicial otherwise we'll miss sending invoices to customers who have placed orders, therefore we can't receive payment.

    I'd also love:

    1. To be able to edit the CSS
    2. To have price-based shipping rules e.g. offer free shipping on orders over $300
    3. For the portal to obey the customer's default tax rule. e.g. in DEAR my prices are inc GST, but I have an international customer who needs to pay ex GST. They're getting GST inclusive prices when ordering via the portal and I have to manually adjust the order by re-calculating the prices myself because DEAR doesn't even recalculate the price if I change the tax rule from GST to GST free exports.

    Thank you 

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  • In addition to Option to set Minimum Order Quantity per SKU it would be good to have a way to set a minimum order amount for B2B orders.  That is, an order total needs to be at least $1000.

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  • MOQ per SKU as well as only making it available in packs of 6 etc.

    Allowing to customise all text so we can use it in non-English speaking markets.

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  • asked dear for an update on the promised updated stated to be delivered on the 15 December as haven't seen any communication as to what and when to expect the updates.
    Happy New Year to all!


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