• Well, As we know nowadays B2B Playing a vital role in small and large businesses because it's easy to ko market products i had listed all products on Cosmo Stuff i really increased sales with such a great B2B Platform.

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  • It would be great to have the option in the portal for more than just Single or Multiple delivery for out stock - rather have the option to customise or add in the option to sub products as a standard option.

    More scope/available space to customise - whether it is a space to put a customised message/note in on the checkout page, or around the portal

    More customisation opportunities in general

  • Option to change the 'preferred delivery date' text because where that date links to in our system is our dispatch date so it doesn't match up and we currently have no option to amend

  • Suggestion: Remove "Update Cart" function

    During checkout, the need to "update cart" after making changes is missed by many customers — I suggest the "Update Cart" command be built into the "Checkout" button, requiring the customer to update the cart feels like an unnecessary step in the checkout process.

  •  It would be very helpful to allow the customization of the B2B notification content.  Why doesn't DEAR use the current "Document and e-mail templates" schema? It works well for every other aspect of the system.  At the least add additional buttons like [[CustomerAddress]] to the notification when the order is created.

    Customers would like to visit the B2B portal and see the tracking number once the order has filled.  Can we add this data point to the menu?

    Thanks for listening.

  • Hello,

    we recently switched Inventory system to DearSystem. We are very pleased with all the features available being the B2B one of them.

    But we would like to see the below options available:

    1) Search Tab (VERY IMPORTANT) - Extend the search to the Description of the items (short description is fine). As it is now it looks like the search is done only by looking for the key words included in the product name only. Most of the products details are listed in the description and, particularly for our business where we have thousands of SKU, it would make sense to have a wider search option.

    2) OUT of STOCK - Possibility to customised the text for out of stock items. To give an example, we would use "PRE-ORDER" instead of "OutofStock".

    Hopefully you can implement these very soon.

    Thank you 

  • Our customers are asking for the following features:

    • Printable Cart.  Some customers raise their order on the Portal but then need to print or email the order to their manager for authorisation.
    • SKU's visible in cart.  Many of our thousands of SKU's have very similar Descriptions and it's difficult to determine which one it is.

  • REQUEST:  Portal to calculate available quantity in-between sync periods

    We have recently learnt that the B2B Portal only updates the available quantity every 15min when it syncs with DEAR, this was surprising to us as it means the B2B Portal is syncing through API the same as a Shopify store would.

    This availability lag causes difficulties as it allows the same stock to be sold in multiple sales if placed in the same 15min window — such as the launch of a product in high demand. We've had to break some customers hearts as this caused over-selling.

    Our request is from the Portal to calculate the available quantity in-between sync periods by deducting qty sold from the last sync figures.

  • Thanks for this solution! I also have the same case.

  • Simple request which was no problem in Tradegecko.  We need to display out of stock items in the B2B BUT not allow backordering of them.

    Currently in dear we have only 2 options:

    1 Hide out of stock items; or

    2. Display them AND allow backordering.

  • The request below is 5 years old, but we would like to raise it again as it is something we need:

    "We have separate revenue accounts for Product Sales and Shipping Charges but I am only able to specify one "Default Revenue Account" in the integration settings.  Please allow for a separate revenue account to be specified for products and shipping income."

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