• Please can you allow quantity to be shown for products within a family on the bulk order screen.

    It would be preferable to have the quantity on hand visible rather than having to click in the box to view. 

    Also it would be good to have the option to decide whether to show quantity for products with a BOM based on the availability of components or what is actually on hand. 

    The ability to show what is available based on components is a great new feature but won't suit every business.

  • this is more of a functionality check.... i understood that previous orders would be visible on the portal and had assumed that it included the ones made prior to the portal introduction.  This appears not to be the case - am I missing something?  if they are not visible, why not?


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  • Hi Nigel,

    I'm not employed by Dear but I think I can answer your question out of experience with other integrations. 

    I personally do not want my customers to see previous orders that were made prior to the integration of the B2B portal. The reason is that we made notes and comments on those orders that were intended to be internal only. The risk of allowing customers access to those orders may expose those comments; only good things were said of course ;-). Now that the B2B Portal is active, we have a different protocol as to what we comment on those orders. Most of our customers understand that this is new implementation and realize that if they want to have a history other than their own P.O.'s, then they have to always place their orders using the Portal. Less work for us so win win as far as I''m concerned.

    FYI because we sell hair colour, data entry is very tedious due to the large number of SKU's invovled. We are now offering free shipping to our customers only if they order throught the portal. Many of our customers are embracing the new portal and are forgiving not seeing historical orders. It's so easy to provide them with reports of past orders that I don't think it will be an issue.

  • Hello Dear,

    Please can someone update us on some of the points raised here.

    The first two points from my post 8 days ago are very important.


  • Thanks Bear... we do not make comments on orders placed and often customers are looking for copy invoices and details of previous orders etc.  The ability to export such data in excel form would allow them to analyse.

    However, your comment has led me to suggest another idea; that of favourites - my customers and many others I suppose have products that they regularly order.

    In any event, I am wondering whether I am wasting my time posting here since I have not evidence that anyone from Dear is reading comments and I don't see any organisation of suggestions into a useable list for ranking and voting by Dear.......

    Thanks for the thoughts anyway Bear.


  • Jeff, You can add unlimited “attributes”. Just use “wholesale“ as one of them and assign all your wholesale customers the wholesale attribute.
  •  It would be very helpful to allow the customization of the B2B notification content.  Why doesn't DEAR use the current "Document and e-mail templates" schema? It works well for every other aspect of the system.  At the least add additional buttons like [[CustomerAddress]] to the notification when the order is created.

    Customers would like to visit the B2B portal and see the tracking number once the order has filled.  Can we add this data point to the menu?

    Thanks for listening.

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  • It would be great to have the option in the portal for more than just Single or Multiple delivery for out stock - rather have the option to customise or add in the option to sub products as a standard option.

    More scope/available space to customise - whether it is a space to put a customised message/note in on the checkout page, or around the portal

    More customisation opportunities in general

  • Option to change the 'preferred delivery date' text because where that date links to in our system is our dispatch date so it doesn't match up and we currently have no option to amend

  • I agree with all said above and by Mark... the promise of the portal was so good and progress then seemed to halt.  I have customers who were enthusiastic initially no longer using it and I fear will not go back...

    I have been an advocate of Dear in the UK, but to be frank I am becoming evermore frustrated by the perception that comments and suggestions are just wasted text on the forum as there is rarely if ever any comment from you guys in Dear.

    I know you are passionate about delivering a top quality service, but please find a way to give feedback to the community or we will simply all stop commenting - I have plenty of other calls on my time.

    Perhaps consider a 'league' table of requests and a proper update of plans....



  • Exactly. Development seems to have stalled and not much interaction on suggestions. Silence on fundamental issues such as 20K SKU limit, which is mentioned nowhere when evaluating.
  • I think we all agree on this :

    + When implementing new functionalities, DEAR should focus on it beeing so well done and polished and TESTED by the users, to confirm that we are effectively saving time and work, not adding more complexity to our operations.

    The lack of communication and aknowledgment of users needs on this forum makes me feel like DEAR is beeing developped for the internal needs of a business, but someone would have tought : "Hey lets have external customers so that will pay for the dev." It's the only reason I can see something like a B2B portal not even adding a shippng cost by weight/volume after months of request when it could take a day to fix to a single coder. And it's really scary to think of it when you put 2 business in DEAR hands.


  • Hello,

    we recently switched Inventory system to DearSystem. We are very pleased with all the features available being the B2B one of them.

    But we would like to see the below options available:

    1) Search Tab (VERY IMPORTANT) - Extend the search to the Description of the items (short description is fine). As it is now it looks like the search is done only by looking for the key words included in the product name only. Most of the products details are listed in the description and, particularly for our business where we have thousands of SKU, it would make sense to have a wider search option.

    2) OUT of STOCK - Possibility to customised the text for out of stock items. To give an example, we would use "PRE-ORDER" instead of "OutofStock".

    Hopefully you can implement these very soon.

    Thank you 

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