• The B2B portal is live, showing promise but currently buggy flawed. Where can we post feedback and report bugs and issues so this new addition to DEAR can be finessed into something great?

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  • a really great start.  first customer successfully placed order.... hoorah!!
    some minor glitches found:
    >currency should be customer currency - showing dollars only
    >needs to be a requested order date for clients to enter
    >shipping method to be default shipping method or ability to switch off choice
    >payment terms should be customer default
    >when will clients be able to see open orders and invoices?
    Will post more when used a little more...


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  • I really like how the B2B portal is coming, however I'd like to suggest some additional features.

    What I would need to see before implementing is: 

    -Search by SKU as well as description

    -Filter results by attribute

    -Date required

    -Customer reference 

    -View more per page (say up to 50 search results on a single page)

    -Ability to adjust size of product thumbnails (ability to fit more items on one line)

    -Ability to add line comments to items 


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  • Great start so far. A few glitches I noticed:

    -Customer's individual discount is not being applied

    -When a product is part of a family, only the parent should show, not the variants. This is especially cumbersome when a product has many variants (i.e. hair color).

    -Invitation email should be customizable

    -noticed that the reset password feature does not work. When entering a new password, I get a message saying the duplicate does not match

    Keep up the good work.


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  • > customer ability to see if item is in stock and available at the time of ordering or when available (eg referenced from supplier PO)
    > adding customer reference / PO number
    > to add notes eg do not put unavailable items on backorder/deliver only when complete etc
    > ability to download price-lists trade and retail in PDF (with images) or excel with barcodes
    > email alert that order has been placed


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  • - Customize invitation email - otherwise it looks like junk mail..

    - Show sale prices: Price $100, Sale Price $85

    - Show product details on the product page (description , size, weight, etc)

    - Show SKU's (everywhere - this is B2B!)


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  • This Portal idea has so much potential. We had created a fully functionnal one through WooCommerce and ditched it days before it's release when we got to know that you were creating a native one.

    What would highly important for us is the following :

    - Showing quantities on customer end be optional. This is major : since, in our case, it is setup to become a quote, any quantities would do. We do no want customers to restrain themselves in their order because we can transfer from other warehouse, create the goods or get them on demand. Also, it is too much information. Some customer are also competitors in certain regards. We do not want them to access our inventory levels without us deciding. We actually will not use the portal until this simple feature is enabled.

    - Email Notifications. This is something I hope you will work on. The contact email set for a given store should be receiving a notification email when an order is passed. To have it passively show up in the listing is way too risky. With all the sales from all the channels it can be be drowned by other orders or make it unclear who should take care of it. On a related note, enabling Email notifications would also make sense for low inventory level alerts. This, or a clear "Alert" board on the dashboard.

    - Translation options : Since it can be set in all currency, it would be great that one can translate the basic text within the website. In some country, like Canada, it is illegal to sell to some provinces if you do not offer a website in the two official languages. You could crowd source it, like Magento or Wordpress did it. Peole would be happy to give you back the translated .PO / .MO files or their equivalent to help you out.

    - Show Price breaks : It would be useful to show the price breaks / discount tiers. The way it is set, it is impossible for the customer to know if they get a cheaper price if they buy X quantity. 

    I also concur with the 4 suggestions made by Nachson ; they all struck me as highly needed as well. One detail ; product description must not be fed directly from the one in the product data page, since this one feeds itself on third party (i.e. Magento) which may have a description that suits B2C, not B2B. Maybye have Description 1, Description 2 and so on. Or just a plain old field we can fill manually. 

    I will repeat that this is a great move though. Once you will add a POS too, DEAR will be the ultimate war machine. 

    Keep us posted. We definitely want to help you to help us to help you to help us.

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  • Correct currency now showing on product page but when checking out this happens...

     Is no-one checking when amendments are made?

  • Loving how fast the fixes are coming in. Would be nice to have a change log to refer to though.

    Found something else:

    When displaying a product family, the price displayed should show "From $(lowest) to $(highest)" or "From $(lowest)"

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  • So this is really important for DEAR in general and the portal specifically:

    Let us know when and what is fixed, added or changed in one location and on a timely basis. 

    Here's the deal - great things are added, bugs get fixed features are enhanced but how do we know? Bear just mentioned above that "Loving how fast the fixes are coming in" while I stopped looking into work on the portal not knowing what basic issues were resolved. 

    Something like these Release Notes under the Help icon:


    One way to do it is on the DEAR top bar: 



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  • Thanks for adding the price/sale price on the product page:  


    Please do the same on category pages like here:


  • - Price/Sale price should be optional

    - Description not showing up on product page.

  • This should be part of my post above

    Where does the portal pull prices from? Shouldn't that be specifiable in the integration section? (Tier 1 base price/ Tier 2 sale price etc?)

    Looks like the system is taking our wholesale sale prices and automatically cutting them in half. Not sure why and not sure how and why the system determined what price should even be featured in the portal (we have several tiers). 

    Here's the product on the portal:


    And here's the item in DEAR (looks like $14 is half the wholesale price?):


  • We have just started using the 2B2 portal, and it's pretty cool. A few features we miss is:

    -It would be great to be able to show product 'description' and select 'additional attributes' to show on the product page.

    -Be able to hide the standard 'Menus & Catalog' under 'Page Elements', as it will force the shopper to filter what they are looking for.

    -Have an optional email notification when orders are placed online.

    -Have a 'dummy' user which cannot shop, but just use as catalog mode. It would be a great way to send a catalog and price list to potential new customers.

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