Option to allow for negative stock

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There are times when we need to invoice customers before the goods are sent. We don't seem to be able to currently.

Perhaps Dear can allow negative stock and we can also set a limit on how negative it can go.

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  • Yes, I'd like our members/customers to enter orders and be invoiced even if there is no stock of the item. RIght now, it asks us to stop our invoicing process if there is no stock.

  • Hello!

    This is possible in DEAR if you allow the below setting to optional. >> Sale process customisation

  • Thank you. I'm successful after following your guides. I chose Optional for bloxd io and it's ok.

  • There is no way to give carton numbers to the appropriate products if I generate a buy order because the products are raised in a sales order. geometry dash lite

    The ability to categorize sales orders by product line and give carton numbers would be very helpful.




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5 people like this idea
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