Do you have more Unit Of Measure Conversion Examples

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This DEAR article provides instructions on unit of measure conversion for cases of wine:

In the spirit of knowledge sharing I would invite people to share other examples of unit conversion and how you are doing it using the disassembly/assembly features of DEAR, or some other way.



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  • stan it would be great if i can get your contact info i am looking for this feature and its been forver , we sell products on amazon as 4pk 6pk 12 pk but its for the single sku so when  the order comes in from amazon it crates new product in our system so i could use your help to set this up , because i got in touch with dear and they said nothing like this is available . please call me at 502 303 4518 , youll be a life saver if this could work in my situation

  • Hi guys did you get this sorted? I'll give you our situation, it is similar:

    We buy in cases from our supplier and sell in both cases and boxes and singles online.

    Currently we auto disassemble at purchase (really not ideal as the system thinks we have a warehouse full of unpacked singles, which we don't!) But this way we can use the auto-assemble feature if someone wants to buy a box of singles.

    Having a warehouse full of 'single items' means that when we go to reorder stock it wants us to reorder in singles which suppliers don't accept (they only want an order of boxes/cases). So we have the order details and min levels in the child products, and when DEAR orders in child products, we do a bit of conversion in excel (though we're still waiting for the supplier SKU to be on the export!), and we send it to our suppliers.

    Then we cancel the PO and create another PO manually by inputting all parent products (boxes, cases) in the PO that were delivered. So now the system receives boxes and auto disassembles them for sale on our website.

    What a faff my gosh but its a very frustrating workaround.

    DEAR just needs the 'auto-disassemble at point of sale' feature added, so we can keep boxes and when someone wants a single, then DEAR disassembles a box to fulfil the order. Easy stuff, and pretty standard on ERP systems too.

    Or have units and measures for boxes and cases and pallets, etc.


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  • thanks a bunch i figured this out but not sure what does the disassemble tab does ? can you please let me know that . i really appreciate you helping me out on this and your input 

    cheers ken

  • Hi Rahul, yeah so in your case, I imagine if you sell in packs on Amazon, you may want DEAR to assemble the packs to fulfil the order? (assuming you have these as single products in stock)

    In which case if you order a box of 100 pens from your supplier, when you check the stock in, it will auto-disassemble them from 1 box into 100 single pens units.  So you'll need to look into bills of materials as well for this. 

    On the inventory editing screen you can check the option for auto disassemble on the box of pens.

    if I've read you correctly, then I hope it helps :-)

  • so what i did was we sell tubes so 1pk 4pk 12pk 25pk , so i did not check the bill of materials while creating the product that is 1pk (because in inventory we keep it as single pcs ) now i created 3 more skus (with bill of material checked on product screen ) and under bill of material used 4 of 1pk , 12 of 1pk and 25 of 1 pk sku , and checked auto assembly , but havent checked auto disambey ? 

    so my question is ? when i add these products(through purchases)  i would only add 1pk inventory , so did i do everything correctly ?

    and in my situation would i check auto disambley or no ? (i am still not clear what it is used for ) 

    thanks a lot 

  • Hi Rahul.  I apologize for not being in touch or replying to this thread.  I neglected to "follow" the thread and missed your posting.  Do you feel you now have it sorted out, or are you still feeling like you need help?

  • yes stan i got it sorted out thanks a bunch 

  • my pleasure Rahul. glad to hear you got it sorted out.

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