Request for Quotation Module

started a topic about 7 years ago

Could we have a RFQ module whereby we can mass send RFQs to different vendors for quotes? Best if it'll be in some online forms format so that vendors can go online and fill in the amount and it'll be auto-populated into the Dear system.

I think this is a very useful feature and will distinguish Dear from it's competitors.

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  • I agree, we are in need of a RFQ module, or at the least an RFQ stage of a PO.

    We send out 20-100 files for quote about four times a year to 3-6 vendors. We need to track their questions, quoted prices and lead times. We should be able to attach the returned Quote to the RFQ. These quotes should be traceable in the Movements tab of the Product page. 

  • This would be extremely useful especially for procurement policies requiring 3 quotations before approval and sending of a PO.

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2 people like this idea
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