Payment Account, Reference, Date and Amount available as Reporting fields

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I have a customer that runs a planting wholesale business and throughout the day, they would make numerous payments to invoices via a cash account, credit card (clearing) account and direct debit.

Unfortunately there is not a report we can run in Dear Inventory that shows all the payments made to invoices between a certain period showing which payment account they were posted to.

It is a bit like closing off a till, and checking totals match against what was physically counted.  Or a great may to check payments were posted to the correct Xero acccount, or simply a breakdown of how much our customers pay by card, cash, direct debit or other payment types.

Simply put, it would be great if the Payment Account, Reference, Date and Amount were available reporting fields in your Dear Inventory Reports module.

Hopefully a small change for Dear development, that makes a big difference to the end user.

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2 people like this idea
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