Option to allow Amazon FBA oders to be created as shipped

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Currently, we must process each order that comes through Amazon FBA manually.  This causes a lot of extra work for each order: opening each one, marking it as shipped, then okay, it's being fulfilled externally. 

We would love an option to turn that manual authorization requirement off, given we understand we may miss some errors in shipments.  Alternatively, we would be satisfied if we could preform a bulk action to mark those orders to mark them as shipped.

During times of high order volume, having to open hundreds of FBA orders to authorize shipment adds 2 to 3 hours of unnecessary work to each day!  That's a lot of wasted money for us - we're a small company with limited resources and a $100 + each week spent on an employee doing busy work really takes a bite out of our profit.

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  • I second this!

    Huge waste of time to have to do this manually every day.

    Please enable at least bulk update for this task.

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  • Go to Amazon integration setup, you'll see the option to mark FBA orders as shipped

  • Hi Ken,

    I already have my account setup to mark the FBA orders as "shipped" under the integration settings, however, even though the system allows you to select that setting it will not actually mark them as "shipped". 

    You still have to manually go through and "ship" every single one.

    To make matters worse you can't bulk update them either  :(

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  • So what is the point of having this setting, what does it do?


    FBA orders need to be for information only, we can't do anything with them - they are in FBA, so please just have them marked as automatically shipped, not as orders coming through our system. We don't need to touch them unless to cancel them.

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  • Yes, or at least give us the option to 'Select All' and then process the orders, instead of having to manually go through and approve each order one at a time. When the holidays are here, this will mean going through and marking several hundred each day. DEAR you need to fix this.

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  • Hi Ken and Kevin,

    If you want them to build this feature please upvote the feature request at link in the description.

    I noticed that both of you are asking for the feature as well but have not yet upvoted this.

  • This feature would be extremely helpful, especially with the recent change that creates a separate consolidation for each transaction went from 1 consolidation per day to 3-5 for me. An already painful process became 3-5x more painful. It takes many hours of work each month to just click through each record to mark as shipped. (8+ clicks per record at 30-45 seconds each time). In my case, where everything is FBA, there is no decision to be made with each's all every one of those records is just mindless clicking for hours at a time. 

  • With the holidays approaching this is a critical issue for DEAR to address. There must be a simple solution to 'select all' and mark 'shipped and paid' for FBA and FBM. PLEASE DEAR ADDRESS THIS.

  • Yea DEAR - What's up with this? This is a no brainer request that should have been part of the original release of DEAR. 

    Setting the Amazon integration to mark orders as shipped does so for Seller Fulfilled orders (FbM) and leaves FBA orders unshipped. It should be the ther way around..

  • Take a leaf out of Linnwork's book: You can see the Amazon FBA orders (Orders sold on Amazon and fulfilled by FBA, to avoid confusion), and you can manipulate these, if required. You can also see stock levels at each warehouse. 


    They are all automatically processed by FBA, not the merchant! Why would we have FBA orders and then want to process them ourselves?? We shouldn't even need to bulk process these, they are gone and fulfillled by FBA already.  Each order should be automatically marked as fulfilled when it is processed by Amazon. Linnworks does this, so it must be possible.

    Schedule of events:

    - Actual dispatching of products to Amazon warehouse

    - Warehouse transfer to FBA warehouse in DEAR

    - Stock physically received in FBA

    - Stock levels updated from FBA and synced with DEAR (this should match with the warehouse transfer)

    - Orders are placed on, etc. and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

    - These orders should be seen as processed on DEAR (at certain points, ie. orders pending, or orders shipped, etc) 

    - Stock levels adjusted & synced with DEAR FBA warehouses.

    - Order info, customers & purchase costs, etc. sent to Xero

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  • Jarred Le Roux has a good point. This is so basic that I'm clueless why it wasn't baked into the service from the start. This is true for BOTH order fulfillment AND FBA inventory. In these cases DEAR is just the silent partner that reports what Amazon did and automatically adjusts whatever it is that needs to be adjusted. 

    Same issue comes up all over the place:

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  • Another point:

    On Amazon you can change an SKU to be AFN (Amazon fulfilled) or MFN (merchant fulfilled). Basically if you normally have Amazon fulfil your orders, you can change this at anytime to fulfil it from your own warhouse instead.

    With this in mind, there should be somthing in the Amazon API that tells DEAR if the product will be shipped by merchant or Amazon. If it is shipped by merchant, it should automatically come through to DEAR as requiring processing. However if it is a Amazon fulfileld product, it should be automatically shipped and completed, going back to the explanation above.

    Hope this helps :-)

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  • HI All,

    As always thank you for your suggestions regarding FBA orders automatically closing upon being imported from Amazon. We have now introduced two options to auto complete FBA orders:

    1. Set Auto Pick + Pack + Ship in Amazon integration page. Orders will auto complete as long as there is sufficient inventory quantities available in FBA warehouse.

    2. Bulk complete FBA orders from View All Sales screen by selecting the orders to complete and using Bulk Actions.

    If you have any questions regarding this functionality or would like to discuss further please contact

    Thank you

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