Make expanded pick list available via API and 3PL export

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I have a 3PL partner and I need to export a list of items each day for them to pick/pack/ship. However, currently I can't use the 3PL export because my orders contain kits (e.g. 3 products grouped together which are set up as auto-assembled BOMs), but the individual items in my kit don't appear in the pick list - just the kit item appears in the list. e.g. My kit is called '3PRODUCTS' and the products are: PRODUCTA, PRODUCTB, PRODUCTC. I need the items PRODUCTA, PRODUCTB and PRODUCTC to appear in the 3PL export but all that appears is 3PRODUCTS. DEAR support have advised that this is because the expanded pick list isn't available in the 3PL export. I'd like to request that it be made available. Since I can't use the 3PL export I tried the option of using the API and came up against the same problem of the expanded pick list not being availabe. So unfortunately right now I have no way of sending my orders to my 3PL without coding a custom solution which includes creating my own database tables that replicate the BOM in DEAR. Please add the expanded pick list to both the API and 3PL export (with my preference for it to be added to the API). It will make my life so much easier and make DEAR a better solution for online ecommerce retailers like myself who sell items in kits. Thank you in advance.

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3 people like this idea
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