Allow Auto-Disassembly on Sales Orders

We are a winery and we sell wine in by the bottle and by the case. 

We assemble bottles into cases as this is the easiest way to mange inventory held in warehouses and for invoicing distribution partners who order large volumes.

When it comes to our Cellar Door sales to customers we sell in bottles. At this stage we transfer stock into the location and then dissassemble to bottles manually. 

If sales orders could auto-disassemble as the orders came in (as it does for auto assembly in reverse) this manual step would be removed altogether.

A second benefit would be making stock taking that location simpler as the stock would still be recorded in cases on Dear.

When you have 50 wines and weekly transfers into that location this feature would save a lot of manual entry. 

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  • Yes! Great this is an obvious addition that should be there. We sell online, and keep boxes in our warehouse, but when a customer orders more single units than what is available in an open box, the system should disassemble the box behind to fulfil the order! Simple.

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