Recurring order

started a topic about 5 years ago

We would like the ability to create recurring orders.

The current feature allows for the creation of recurring invoices that charge the same items and amount at a later date and only after the previous recurring invoice is completed. 

This doesn't work as we have variable weight products so the invoice amount and item amounts will change. We also add other items onto the standing orders so the new order that is created shouldn't be a copy of the previous one but just the base recurring order. Also it would be easier to be able to schedule an order the way one would schedule a recurring calendar item and then be able to remove an order occasionally without interrupting the series.

So one would be able to create a repeat order, specifying the order items, recurrence and when the order is created in the system (e.g. 30 days before the required by date). This is then a repeat order sequence that will automatically generate until it is stopped and items can be added onto the order without affecting the next repeat order.

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