Pending Order Report that includes additional charges or quoted amount

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We would like to see a report that shows the overall order value in pending orders, including the "additional charges". This allows us to have a forecast of what the total sales will be once all the orders are invoiced. Right now, the only way to properly see what the value is of all the orders is by manually adding them all up. Quickbooks has a report called the "Open Sales Order Report" that provides this information and we became accustomed to using is on our weekly sales meetings to forecast the month/quarter sales. 

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  • Dear team,

    We are new users and like very much the system.

    With our previous system we used to run a report called unshipped orders, which not only shows quantities for each order and shipping date, it also shows total order amount in $.

    This report is very important for us because we can estimate how much we are going about to invoice in the near future.

    We would like you to look at this requirement, which I don't think is a complex one, only add amount in your actual pending order report.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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