On load, screens should focus on the Search Field when available

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I find it maddening that when I pull up a screen with a Search Field that the search field doesn't gain focus automatically (I'm using Chrome). The very first thing, perhaps the only thing, I will do on such a page is search immediately. For instance, on the Inventory->View All page, I'm pretty much always going to search the presented list for a particular product...often times I will do this by scanning a barcode. But instead of being able to just pull up the Inventory->View all page and scan, I first have to click on the Search Field.

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  • Yes, it would be great if the search field had more prominence on every page and possibly even be placed on the dashboard. Also, the search field would be better served if it was placed on the left side where the column of the desired search term is usually located. Also, a real time search update would be better in every search box as it is already being used in some of the other input fields, such as when choosing a vendor. You're right, Mark, it is all about the "search". 

  • I forgot to mention that a clickable "go search" icon would also be more convenient instead of having to press enter in the search field.
  • I don't see how a "go search" button would work better than hitting "enter" after typing or pasting text into that field. The way I tend to use it right now is that I'll type something and hit return or I'll scan a barcode and hit return. I'd prefer, of course, that I could scan a barcode and not have to hit return or press a button...instead, after a timeout the search would just being following text changing in the field.

    I guess what this means is that the search field needs to support two modes of operation: manually typed text and scanned input, remembering which setting was used last for the logged in user.

  • It wouldn't necessarily work better, but it would be another option for initiating search. Many times I just copy and paste whatever it is I am searching for into the search field, so I would then be able to do that completely with the mouse. It's just something most search fields have to make them mouse friendly. It can be easily implemented.

  • Ahh, I see. For accessibility, then, what is needed is that both functions are supported: hitting enter and pressing a button. And of course, what I want: automatic form submission when the contents of the field changes.

  • Yes! I called it "real time search" but it is the same as what you call "automatic form submission". Essentially what Dear already does when adding items to a purchase order for example. I think all of our combined suggested features would make day to day usage more efficient. 

    Just to summarize:

    1. Automatically highlight search field, making it ready for input.

    2. Universal search field on dashboard where any sales order, purchase order, customer, or product can be searched for.

    3. Better search field placement, possibly on the left side where usually the field you are searching in is located.

    4. Adding a clickable search icon to left or right of search field.

    5, Automatic form submission/real time search results in every search field.

    Please feel free to chime in about any other search related suggestions. Thank you.

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