Purchase Order, Sales Order CSV Enhancement

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1. My purchase order (PO) is your sales order (SO). They are essentially the same thing. Just two different sides of the coin.

2. CSV's provide a structured way to export my purchase order (PO) to your system as your sales order (SO).

3. DEAR Systems already makes room for this exchange of CSV data, however with shortcomings:


1. The PO CSV Export Headers and the SO CSV Export Headers are not in the same order.

2. The PO CSV cannot be attached to the PO email template.

3. The PO / SO CSV could have some additional data which will allow for a simpler import. The minimum additional fields:

3.1 PO Number (to fill the SO reference field)

3.2 The Supplier Name (to know which counterparty to use when creating the PO)

This functionality will be fantastic for franchise groups that have multiple versions of DEAR Systems implemented.

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2 people like this idea
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