Create an Order Barcode for Templates

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I would love the ability to have a barcode on orders, for the order number. This applies for purchase orders, sales orders and more. Example:

  • Sales order is SO-1001
  • A merge field could be used for this in the template fields
  • The barcode would be of SO-1001
  • Later, if a client wanted to, they can scan this code into the search field and it will type SO-1001
Would be a HUGE efficiency gain and remove errors.

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  • You may be able to achieve this by installing a barcode font and embedding this font in your Word template. Some barcodes (eg. Code 128, my favorite) require you to calculate a checksum and embed it in the the data field but Code 39 (which is less compact) only requires an * to be inserted at each end of the barcode which I think can be done within a merge field using an escape code. I think it would be the easiest Symbology to adopt.. There are also more sophisticated AxtiveX controls like Tbarcode by TEC-IT but these may not survive in a server side environment.
  • Thanks for your suggestions.

    User can create a field for SO# and use its font "IDAutomationHC39M" to print SO# as barcode. A sample template is attached, we have added Barcode for SO# with "Quote" at top

    (20.8 KB)
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3 people like this idea
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